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Monday, November 10, 2014

Memebox Special #39 Cafe Box*

HI Ladies,
Today I am here to review the Memebox Special #39 Cafe BoxFor those of you unfamiliar with Memebox, it is Korea's #1 Beauty Subscription Box. Memebox (pronounced "mi-mi box") is named after a Korean doll that is the beauty idol of many young girls in Korea. They decided to spell it Me-me to emphasize that beauty is about oneself or "me". The great thing about Memebox is that you are not forced into signing up and paying for a monthly subscription. You can get them as often or as spaced out as you want. On the Memebox site, they have all of their available boxes and upcoming boxes (and there are a TON) up for grabs! The boxes range in price from $19.00-$32.00 a box plus shipping. You can also order bundle boxes which are two boxes at a discounted price. They have sales on some of their boxes and often have discount or $ off codes.
Memebox carries 4 main types of beauty boxes: Memebox, Memebox Special Editions, Superbox and Luckybox.

Here is what is said about each:

The original Memebox comes packed with 4 - 8 full-size products and deluxe samples. Boxes in each Memebox series always contain the same products, and contents vary from hair and body products, to skin-care and makeup products.

Memebox Special Edition:
Memebox special edition comes packaged with 4-8 full-size products and deluxe samples under its own theme. Memebox special edition is designed to meet various concerns, beauty trends, and also seasonal needs.

Superbox was inspired by our Memebox lovers, looking for full-sized products catered to specific needs. Each Superbox series comes with its own theme, designed to target particular concerns, or collaboration with our favorite brands!

We created Luckybox to give everyone a different and unique box full of our favorite products for you to feel like the luckiest person in the world! Every Luckybox is unique and is filled with 4 - 8 full sized products and deluxe samples carefully curated from Korea to give you the best experience and widest exposure to a range of products!"

Lets move on to the Cafe Box:
The theme of this box is coffee or coffee shops/cafes. It has products that remind you of coffee shops which generally have different types of caffeinated drinks as well as pastries and desserts. The products contain ingredients such as milk, caffeine, and coffee.

Vella Fresh Creamy Soap $13.00
This whipped cleanser is supposed to take away impurities and excess sebum while also hydrating, soothing, and protecting your skin and pH balance. I love that this comes with a little spatula to scoop out the product instead of using your fingers. 
The directions say to massage the bubbles into your skin without having your palms touch the skin. This kind of confused me. The product is a solid however it didn't bubble up to the point where my hands weren't touching my face. I also think I used too much product. The product did foam a little once I got it wet, however, I basically spread it on my face. Once I added water to my face is when it started to foam but it wasn't all bubbles.If that makes any sense? Regardless, I did like how this felt on my face. My face also felt very clean after using it. It was a little dry after using thought. I didn't find this cleanser to have any scent to it.

Tonymoly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-In Scrub $13.00
The packaging of this face scrub is so cute! It is in a little coffee mug with a spoon/spatula to scoop the product. The scrub contains milk protein, coffee extract, and acetyl hexapeptide-8. It is said to unclog pores, removes skin impurities, and delivers nutrition to the skin  while firming elasticity.
This doesn't have an overly strong scent but I can definitely smell hints of coffee and cream. I love the idea of this scrub and that it comes with a scooper so that you don't have to put your fingers into the jar. It says to massage this scrub on your dry face for 3-5 minutes and to wash it off with warm water once the scrub turns from brown to white. I LOVE this scrub! You apply the product to your dry face and as you massage it, it turns into a milky white cream. It also warms up a little while you are massaging it into your skin. It felt great on my skin. Once I washed it off my skin felt super smooth. I definitely plan to purchase this after I use it up.

Holika Holika Dessert Time Lip Balm in Red Cupcake $6.00
This is a super cute little lip balm that looks like a cupcake. It smells like strawberries and has a little tint of red. I don't love sticking my fingers in lip products but the cuteness of this product makes it worth it. I don't think that this really gives much color on the lips but it is moisturizing.

Cleomee Anti-Wrinkle Donkey Lotion $83.00
This is a face and body lotion made from Donkey Milk and other ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramide, glycerine, Vitamin E, and EGF complex. It is said to deliver nutrition and deep moisture to your skin. Supposedly Cleopatra used donkey milk in her skincare routine.

Has anyone else ever heard or donkey milk never mind using it as a beauty product? This was very interesting to me.

Pure Smile Original Mask Sheet Herb Mask Sheet $1.00
This sheet mask contains lavender extracts, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and collagen to moisturize your skin. I haven't used this mask yet but I look forward to trying it out. I love the scent of lavender. I think it is really relaxing.

Binu Cook Ice Cream Scoop Cacao Body Soap $3.00
This ice cream scoop is actually a bar of soap. It definitely smells like chocolate! The soap is 100% hand made and is said to remove dead skin cells, excess oil and sebum from your body. This is so cute and I can't wait to use it.

Overall, I thought this was SUCH a cute box! I really liked the theme and all of the products included. The cost of this box is $23.00 plus shipping. The value of all the products in this box is $119.00! My favorite product of them all is the Tonymoly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-In Scrub. I think the packaging is adorable and I love face scrubs.


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Memebox ships international to the U.S. as well as 45 other countries!

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Have you tried Memebox? Which products interest you the most from above? Post your comments  below!

-Tanya xoxo

*This is a sponsored post. I was sent this product for review purposes. However, the thoughts and opinions in this post are my own. I am always 100% honest in my reviews for all products discussed on my blog.

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