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Friday, January 30, 2015

Review: ColourPop SuperShock Shadows in So Quiche, Cricket, and Hammered

Hi Guys,
This is my last post on ColourPop products that I got for Christmas! I picked out a few of their shadows that I thought looked unique. Keep reading to hear my thoughts on each!
ColourPop Cosmetics So Quiche, Cricket, and Hammered

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Hi Guys,
I'm finally the proud owner of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette! I know I'm very late in the game but I am so glad that I finally own it! As you all know the pigmentation of these shadows is phenomenal! The shadows smell like chocolate too which is a nice bonus. I'm not going to do a lengthy review of this palette since its old news to most. Everyone as now moved onto the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar which is now available at Sephora. What I am going to do is show you some swatches and looks that I have created using this palette.

Monday, January 26, 2015

ColourPop Lippie Stix and Pencils Chrismas Haul

Hey Guys!
Ever since ColourPop came out with their Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencils I have been obsessed. I purchased a few but asked for a ton for Christmas. Below are all the ones that I got. I wanted to show you guys swatches and give you my thoughts on each in case you plan to purchase any. Like their shadows, all of the Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencils are only $5.00 each.
ColourPop Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencils

Friday, January 23, 2015

Review: FarmHouse Fresh Body Milk Travel Lotions*

Hi Guys,
Today I am sharing my thoughts on some more FarmHouse Fresh products! I recently reviewed their Splendid Dirt Mask HERE. The products I will be discussing are their new Body Milk Travel lotions. 
FarmHouse Fresh Body Milk Travel Lotions
Before I get into the scents, let me just give my thoughts on the packaging. The packaging is so cute! It feels luxurious but homemade at the same time. Does that make sense? The body milks come in a  sturdy aluminum/metal tube with beautiful labeling/print packaged in a nice box. By homemade, I mean that the patterns and textures are rustic/country looking. This is a good thing.

Sweet Cream Body Milk Travel Lotion
Here is what is said about this product:
"90.5% Natural - Vegan - Gluten Free
This delicate moisturizer pours over you like milk, and leaves light velvety notes of warm sweet cream. A true treat to moisturize each morning. The scent takes you away to a fine morning tea, with scones, heavy cream and great gal pals.

Like all FarmHouse Fresh products, Sweet Cream Body Milk is Paraben and Sulfate free, plus it's infused with a blend of natural oils that provide lasting softness to skin: Vitamin E-rich Rice Bran oil, Jajoba Seed oil, Sweet Almond, Avocado and Sesame."   http://www.farmhousefreshgoods.com/sweet-cream-travel.html#sthash.sA6yQR6P.dpuf

Backcountry Caramel Body Milk Travel Lotion
Here is what is said about this product:
"97.5% Natural - Vegan - Gluten Free
A sultry caramel dream! If you simply can't get enough of a warm, sleepy, vanilla-cinnamon scent, get ready for your next obsession! Our best-selling Sweet Cream Body Milk has been infused with a golden-caramel fragrance that rivals the finest creme brulee. The feel is light, and it pours like milk, but make no mistake this silky vegetable-based lotion will keep skin soft throughout the entire day. Made with our special blend of natural oils for maximum hydration.97.5% natural and like all FarmHouse Fresh products, Backcountry Caramel is Paraben & Sulfate free." 

These travel body milks come in two other scents: Fresh Melon and Ginger Sorbet. All travel body milks are 2.4 oz.

Here is what the product looks like:
FarmHouse Fresh Body Milk Travel Lotions
Onto my thoughts:
I really love both of these scents so much! They smell so yummy! The milks are very moisturizing and you skin soaks them right up! I have been leaving Sweet Cream in my purse because my hands have been SO DRY lately. Like gross dry...Once I apply the body milk they feel so much better.  I love that these body milks are natural, vegan, and gluten free. I am seriously SO IMPRESSED with the FarmHouse Fresh Brand. I need to start making a list of other products that I want to try.

You can check out all of their products HERE. I'm sure you are bound to find something you are interested in trying if not a whole list!

Have you tried any products by FarmHouse Fresh? Which scents from above interest you the most? Post your comments below!

-Tanya xoxo

*This is a sponsored post. I was sent these products for review purposes. However, the thoughts and opinions in this post are my own. I am always 100% honest in my reviews for all products discussed on my blog.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Review:ColourPop Cosmetics Queen for a Day Foursome

ColourPop Queen for a Day
Hey Guys,
I got the ColourPop Queen for a Day foursome for Christmas and wanted to share my thoughts on these shadows as well as a look that I created. This set came out in the Fall and I have been eyeing it for quite some time.
ColourPop Queen for a Day

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Review: Ipsy Glam Bag January 2015

Ipsy Glam Bag January 2015
Hi Guys! I hope that everyone is getting back into the swing of things after all of the holiday madness. I'm finally getting back to my normal work and blogging schedule. A new year means a new Ipsy bag! For those of you unfamiliar with  Ipsy, it is a monthly beauty subscription service. For $10.00 a month, you get 4-5 deluxe to full size beauty products. To learn more you can check out my previous Ipsy reviews on my Subscription Reviews tab at the top of my blog.  The theme for this month is Fresh Start. I did something a little different this month with my review. I decided to film a video. I also took some close up pics of the products that I recieved. Check out my video and pics below to hear my thoughts on this bag!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Review: Too Faced Everything Nice Holiday Set

Hey Guys,
Now that I'm out of Christmas mode I'm going to have a ton of reviews for you on all the items that I recieved! The first of them being the Too Faced Everything Nice holiday kit. I wanted this kit so bad and when I saw that it was out of stock online a couple weeks before Christmas I was so bummed. Luckily, my good friend El (The Beauty Isle) knew how much I was drooling over this palette and got it for me for Christmas!  I know you all have seen tons of reviews on this so I'm just going to do a short review with some swatches then show you some looks that I have been creating with it.
Too Faced Everything Nice Palette
Too Faced Everything Nice Palette
I love the glitz and glam of this palette and bag. I'm not a fan of the mascara and the sample was super dry but it was just a freebie with the kit. The palette is the focus here.
Too Faced Everything Nice Palette
The bag is a great size for storing brushes, lippies, even palettes. I have read that the glitter does tend to fall off. I have noticed any major mess with the glitter yet.
Too Faced Everything Nice Palette
Everything Nice Palette
Everything Nice Palette

Swatches left to right:
Turtle Dove, Dream On, After Hours, Fawned of You, Knockout
Paper Roses, Kindness is Free, Mauvelous, Be You, Secret Lovers
Heaven, Shiny Happy, Honey Pot, Don't Settle, Girly
Totally Fetch, Live it Up, Too Glam, Head Over Heels, Chocolate Moon
Sweet Pink, Papa Don't Preach, Chocolate Soleil, Inner Light

The shadows are really good. Some are definitely better than others. The brow highlight shades are all very similar in color. I can barley see them but they may show up more on someone that has a darker skin tone than me. Some of the super glittery shades are as pigmented as I hope but I have used them on the lower lash line and they look great. My favorite shades in the bunch are After Hours, Fawned of You, Shiny Happy, Knockout, and Girly. Girly is very similar to MAC's Blue Brown in that it is super metallic and appears to look reddish brown in some lighting. Too Glam is a pretty peacock/teal green color. This is a great pop of color to add to your lower lash line. Secret Lovers is a good shade to use on your lid when creating a smokey eye. The blushes, bronzer, and highlighter don't disappoint either. They are all up to par with past holiday kits. Inner Light is a really pretty highlight shade. The brushes are a cute touch to this year's kit. The shadow brush works pretty well. I am not great at contouring but the contour brush is soft and does seem to work well (I just suck at blending). I haven't used the liner brush yet.

Here are some looks that I have created over the past month:
Too Faced Everything Nice Makeup Look 1
Too Faced Everything Nice Makeup Look 1
Too Faced Everything Nice Makeup Look 1
Too Faced Everything Nice Makeup Look 1
Brow: Heaven
Lid: Shiny Happy
Transition: Fawned of You
Crease: Knockout and After Hours
Lower Lash Line: Knockout and After Hours

Too Faced Everything Nice Makeup Look 2
Too Faced Everything Nice Makeup Look 2
Too Faced Everything Nice Makeup Look 2
Brow: Turtle Dove
Lid: Mauvelous
Crease: Be You
Outer V: Live It Up
Lower Lash Line: Live It Up and Be You
Inner Corners: Paper Roses
Brow: Dream on and Heaven
Transition: Fawned of You
Lid: After Hours and Shiny Happy
Inner Corners: Shiny Happy
Crease: Don't Settle
Lower Lash Line: Knockout

Overall, I love this palette. Even though there are a few misses in the kit, the majority of the shadows are great. I think Too Faced makes the best holiday kits hands down. Their packaging is always adorable, their shadows are great, and I love that they make sure to add face products in the kit as well.  Everything Nice is no longer available but was $56.00 which was a great price for what you get. I can't wait to see what they come up with for next year! Thanks to El for spoiling me with this awesome gift!

What are your favorite colors from above? Post your comments below!

-Tanya xoxo

Friday, January 16, 2015

Review: Insta Natural Superior Hydration Argan Oil Hair Mask*

Hi Ladies,
Today I am going to share my thoughts on the Insta Natural Superior Hydration Argan Oil Hair Mask. I have tried a handful of different hair masks but have never tried an Argan Oil one.
Insta Natural Superior Hydration Argan Oil Hair Mask
Here is what is said about this product on the BrandBacker site:
"InstaNatural's Argan Oil Hair Mask is a deep conditioning treatment designed to transform dry and damaged strands into soft, shiny, healthy hair. Its restorative ingredients - such as Argan Oil, Japanese Green Tea, Amino Acid Complex, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil & Vitamin B5 - work together to penetrate hair deep down and deliver ultimate nourishment and hydration to enhance texture and shine. This intensive blend full of organic ingredients also serves to strengthen hair to defend against heat damage and other external aggressors.

Key Active Ingredients:
+ Argan Oil
+ Amino Acid Complex
+ Coconut Oil
+ Shea Butter
+ Vitamin B5"


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 Golden Globes: Red Carpet Favorites

Hi Guys,
Did you guys watch the Golden Globes? I didn't but I made sure to check out the Red Carpet looks! This is the only part of award shows that really interests me (aside from MTV award shows). I wanted to quickly share my favorite looks of the night. See below!

 Jessica Chastain in Altelier Versace
The copper/bronze color of this dress looks so nice with Jessica's hair and skin tone. I love the plunging neckline and gathered waist to accentuate her curves.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Review:Meghan Naik x ColourPop Collab Shadow Foursome and Lumiere Lippie Stix and Pencil

Hi Ladies! 
Today I'm going to share my thoughts on ColourPop's collaborations with Megan Naik and Kathleen Lights. Megan Naik is a makeup artist and Kathleen Lights is a YouTube beauty vlogger. ColourPop has done quite a few collaborations with beauty vloggers and makeup artists lately. The products below are the ones that have caught my eye the most.

Megan Niak x ColourPop
Megan Niak x ColourPop
ColourPop's site notes that "This foursome collection highlights the gorgeous landscape of colors and textures of the middle east." 
ColourPop Amira
ColourPop Amira
Amira is said to be a deepened burgundy with pink violet glitter with Metallic finish. It is the least opaque of the four in my opinion. I had some issues applying this color to my crease because these shadows apply best with your finger. Applying to your crease can get a little tricky. When I use a brush the color payoff is no where near as good as when using my fingers. Maybe this color is better for the lids.


ColourPop Farah
ColourPop Farah
Farah is a deep brown in a Matte finish. ColourPop's matte finishes are not completely matte in my opinion. However, they are the most "matte" compared to their other shades. I think they still have a slight satin-ish finish though. This color is really pretty and super pigmented! Its a great brown for using on the crease or on your lower lash line.


ColourPop Lectra
ColourPop Lectra
Lectra is an antique gilded gold with multi- coloured and multi- dimensional glitter in a metallic finish. It is super glittery and has specs of purple and pink in it. I feel like I would like this color a little more if it had a bit less glitter. Other than that it is a pretty color and very pigmented. This is a great shade for the lid.
ColourPop Onai
ColourPop Onai
Onai is creamy white with blue violet opalescent duo chrome in a satin finish. It comes off a little pink-ish to me. I thought I wasn't going to like this color but its actually a great highlight shade for under the brow or for the inner corners.
Megan Niak x ColourPop Swatches
Swatches L-R: Onai, Lectra, Amira, Farah

Overall, I liked this set but didn't LOVE it. The matte shades were the standouts for me. I think I just need to figure out how to work with these types of shadows and application may become easier for me.

ColourPop Lumiere
ColourPop Lumiere Swatches
Lumiere is a matte dusty pink. It is so beautiful! I am really loving these Lippie Stix. They are all super pigmented and creamy. I don't find this to be drying. I think this would look great with both a neutral eye or a more bold smokey eye. 

Here are some looks that I created using these ColourPop products:
ColourPop Megan Niak Makeup Look 1
ColourPop Megan Niak Makeup Look 1
ColourPop Megan Niak Makeup Look 1
ColourPop Megan Niak Makeup Look 1
ColourPop Lumiere
Brow: Onai
Lid: Lectra
Crease: Amira
Lower Lash Line: Farah
Lips: Lumiere Lippie Stix and Pencil
ColourPop Megan Niak Makeup Look 2
ColourPop Megan Niak Makeup Look 2
ColourPop Megan Niak Makeup Look 2
ColourPop Brink
Brow and Lid: Onai
Crease and Lower Lash Line: Farah
Lips: Brink Lippie Stix and Pencil

Even though I didn't LOVE the Megan Niak foursome, I still think it is a great price! I wouldn't say don't get it just because of my experience. Some people might really love this kit. I really like Lumiere and can't wait to use it more. The quality, price, and fact that ColourPop products are made in the U.S. and cruelty free keep me coming back for more!

Have you tried either of these products? What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

-Tanya xoxo
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