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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Review:ColourPop Cosmetics Queen for a Day Foursome

ColourPop Queen for a Day
Hey Guys,
I got the ColourPop Queen for a Day foursome for Christmas and wanted to share my thoughts on these shadows as well as a look that I created. This set came out in the Fall and I have been eyeing it for quite some time.
ColourPop Queen for a Day

Queen for a Day $20.00
ColourPop Queen for a Day
These shadows can be purchased in this set as well as separately.
ColourPop Sequin
Sequin is described as a copper colored shadow with gold and silver glitter. I think it shows up more like a rust red on me. I think this is the most pigmented shadow of the bunch. This works better for me as a crease color than a lid color.

ColourPop Girly
Girly is described as a vanilla with a gold and pink duo chrome finish. This doesn't have any shimmer in it. Since Sequin shows up more red on me, I added Girly over it to create more of a pink color.

ColourPop Smash
Smash is described as a neutral medium warm beige with soft gold satin finish. This is my favorite color of the bunch. I like the satin finish and prefer these finishes over the heavily glittered ones.

ColourPop Shameless/Bae
Bae is described as a rich eggplant purple with turquoise and emerald glittery duo chrome finish. Shameless is described as a black with shades of green with hints of blue and gold and gives a glittery duo chrome metallic finish. These colors were kind of disappointing to me. They are more glittery than super pigmented. I've only used these on the lower lash line so many its just because I had a hard time with the pigmentation using a makeup brush.

Here are swatches of the shadows:
ColourPop Queen for a Day
L-R: Girly, Smash, Sequin, Bae, Shameless

Here is the look that I created:
ColourPop Queen for a Day
ColourPop Queen for a Day
ColourPop Queen for a Day
ColourPop Queen for a Day
Brow: Girly
Crease: Smash
Lid: Girly and Sequin
Lower Lash Line: Shameless and Bae
Inner Corners: Girly

Brow: Girly
Crease: Sequin
Lid: Smash
Inner Corners: Girly
Lower Lash Line: Shameless
Lips: Frida

Overall, I like this shadow foursome.  I love that these colors are really unique. I think the more that I experiment with the shadows, the more that I will like them. 

Have you tried any of these shadows by ColourPop? What is your favorite color from above? Post your comments below!

-Tanya xoxo

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