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Monday, June 27, 2016

Review: Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Shadow Palette

Hey Guys,
As many of you know, I picked up the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow Face and Eye Shadow Palettes. I didn't have luck with the eye shadow palette (you can read my review HERE) and ended up returning it. People were raving about the other Becca palettes saying that they were amazing, creamy, pigmented, and completely different from the Champagne Glow shadow palette. I needed to check out one of the palettes to see what all the buzz was about. I decided to pick up the Ombre Rouge Eye Shadow Palette because I liked the colors better that the other Nude Palette. Keep reading to hear my thoughts!

Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Shadow Palette
Here is what is said about this palette on the Ulta site:
"A palette of five Ombre Rouge shades to beautifully sculpt and enhance the eyes. Matte shades provide pigment-rich tones to effortlessly create a variety of looks from subtle to bold. Green coffee oil helps awaken the eyes and smooth the lids, while a built-in priming effect extends the wear of your shadow. Warm & cool undertones make these shades ideal for all skin tones, and the versatile formula can be used wet or dry.Free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and fragrance."

Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Shadow Palette
This is an all matte palette however I think these are more of a satin/matte hybrid. 

Here are the shadows:
Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Shadow Palette
with flash
Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Shadow Palette
without flash

Here are swatches of the shadows:
Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Shadow Palette
L-R: Neutral Bone, Pastel Mauve, Dusty Rose Petal, Burnt Sienna, Deep Plum

Here is a look that I created using this palette:
Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Shadow Palette
Brow: Neutral Bone
Lid: Pastel Mauve
Crease: Dusty Rose Petal
Lower Lash Line: Deep Plum

Overall, I did find that these shades were creamier, more pigmented, and blended alot nicer than the Champagne Glow Eye Shadow Palette. I also did not experience any significant creasing or fading with this palette like I did with the other one. In that sense, I do feel that this palette is better. However, I didn't love these colors as much as the ones in the Champagne Glow Palette. I feel like those shadows had more potential and I liked that they were a mix of shimmers and mattes. These are too neutral for me. I love neutral shadows in general but on me, the first three shades in this palette are very light. The bone brow color I can barley see. The Pastel Mauve and Dusty Rose Petal look very similar on me. The last two shades show up fine. I think that the last shade is more of a dark brown than a deep plum on me. These shadows may show up better on darker skin tones. I don't really have anything BAD to say about these shadows I just feel like they weren't worth the $40.00 that I paid for it since this isn't the only palette that I will be using. I decided to return this palette and will be purchasing the Violet Voss x Laura Lee Palette once it relaunches.

Have you tried this palette? What are your thoughts on it? Post your comments below!

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