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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Review: Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Eye Master Collection

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Hey Guys,
Today I'm going to review the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Eye Master Collection. I didn't jump on this collaboration when it first launched. I have so many brushes and just didn't feel like I needed more. However, I recently had a Ulta gift card, took advantage of the 20% off coupon, and  decided to pick this up. Keep reading to learn more about this collection and to hear my thoughts!
Review: Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Eye Master Collection
 This brush collection was hand picked by Jaclyn Hill and includes her favorite eye brushes. She also came out with a face collection too which you can check out HERE. Both sets are exclusive to Ulta.

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Eye Master Collection $39.00
Review: Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Eye Master Collection
Collection Includes:
  • JH30 Beast Mode Blender Brush
  • JH32 Transition Blender Brush
  • JH33 Universal Blender Brush
  • JH39 Inner Corner Highlight Brush
  • JH40 Precise Blender Brush
  • JH41 All Over Lid Brush
  • JH42 Brow Bone Highlight Brush
  • JH43 Eyeliner Smudge Brush
  • Master Bag
Review: Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Eye Master Collection
Here is what is said about these brushes on the Ulta site:

 Brush Descriptions:
  • JH30 Beast Mode Blender Brush: "The best everyday blending blush for all over the lid because it's so fat, so fluffy, and so soft that you get a really even, sheer wash of color."
  • JH32 Transition Blender Brush: "It's the first brush that I use when I start my makeup. It is my favorite one to initially go into the crease with because it puts down such a beautiful, sheer wash of color."
  • JH33 Universal Blender Brush: "My favorite blending brush of all time. I've been in a relationship with this brush for many, many years."
  • JH39 Inner Corner Highlight Brush: "Everyone needs an inner corner highlight, and that's what this brush is for."
  • JH40 Precise Blender Brush: "If you do anything beyond an everyday, neutral look, you need this brush in your life."
  • JH41 All Over Lid Brush: "The hairs have the perfect amount of stiffness, so you can use it to apply glitter, cream products, powder products - whatever you need. I use it for everything."
  • JH42 Brow Bone Highlight Brush: "I use for my brow bone highlight. I also use it in the center of the lid for a nice spotlight. It's definitely multi-purpose."
  • JH43 Eyeliner Smudge Brush: "Dip it in some shadow, buff out the lash, and you're gonna have a good night."
Review: Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Eye Master Collection

On to my thoughts:
This is overall a really great eye brush set! It has all the basics someone would need to create a majority of eye looks. This is a amazing brush set for beginners as well.  I find myself constantly reaching for most of the blending brushes in this set (JH30, JH2, & JH33) along with the inner corner highlight brush JH39, and brow bone highlight brush (JH42). The JH41 I have used a few times to apply cream products but just isn't one I reach for daily like the rest. I don't wear eyeliner but I would use the JH43 eyeliner smudge brush to apply shadow to my lower lashes. The only brush I haven't quite figured out yet is the JH40 which is the precise blender brush. I guess I just don't create looks that require this kind of brush. I am IN LOVE with the Beast Mode Blender Brush (JH30). It does an amazing job at blending the different shadows together for a smooth blended look. The case is really cute and I love the white brushes. This set is just awesome. It is an amazing value overall and with 20% off, you really can't beat the price. I highly recommend this set if you are looking for eye brushes and don't know which ones to choose from. You will get everything that you need in this one set.

Did you pick up this Morphe x Jaclyn Hill brush set? Post your comments below!

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