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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Review: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus September 2020

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Hey Guys,
Today I'm going to share my thoughts on my Ipsy Glam Bag Plus for September! For those of you unfamiliar with Ipsy Glam Bag, it is a monthly beauty subscription box. You receive 5 deluxe/sample sized products each month. The subscription is $12.00 a month and usually has a theme. They also offer an upgraded box every month called Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. This box is $25.00 a month and includes 5 FULL SIZED products. They recently added new features to Glam Bag Plus. You are now able to choose 3 of the products in your box and Ipsy chooses 2 for you. Ipsy's picks are based of your beauty quiz/product reviews. They also offer another box called Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate. This box is $50.00 a month and includes 8 FULL SIZED products and 4 deluxe/sample sized products. I am currently only subscribed to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. All three subscriptions come with a themed makeup bag each month (different sizes per subscription type). For Glam Bag Plus, you now get your products in a drawstring bag which is also themed. For Glam Bag you are able to pick two items in your bag. With Glam Bag Ultimate you are able to pick one. You are also able to skip a month whenever you feel like it which is a huge bonus offering. I was so impressed with my Glam Bag Plus last month. Keep reading to see what I got in my bag this month!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus September 2020 "Good Vibes"
Review: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus September 2020

Space Case Cosmetics Custom Eyeshadow Palette $32.00
Review: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus September 2020
This was the first item I chose for my bag. I was somewhat excited about this palette because I knew I would wear all of the colors since they were neutral. They are all shimmer so you definitely need to use another palette with mattes in order to create a full look. The quality of the shadows disappointed me. They weren't that pigmented at all and the formula was strange. I was happy with the look that I created with this palette but I know that I won't reach for it over my other palettes.

Here are swatches of the shadows:
Review: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus September 2020

Yensa Silk Bronzing Base and Brush $50.00
Review: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus September 2020
This was the second item that I chose for my bag. I was really excited to see this as one of the choice items. I have wanted to try it for a while now and it was the perfect opportunity. Even though they already included a bronzer in my bag I still wanted to get this. The formula is really creamy and is warmer toned. I struggle so much with cream products and this was no different. I felt like when I was applying this it was removing the product underneath it. I don't know if it was the brush or if its just me. I was sad because I really wanted to love this. I might try it with a sponge to see if I still have the same issues. If that doesn't work I am officially done with cream products.

Here is a swatch of the bronzer:
Review: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus September 2020

Trestique Color + Contour Bronzer Stick in Brazilian Bronze $28.00
Review: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus September 2020
This was the first item that Ipsy chose for my bag. Normally I would have been happy to get this but I already have it. I also got two cream bronzers in my bag since I really wanted to try the Yensa one so its kind of overkill. This is a nice stick cream bronzer that's darker than the Yensa one. It seems a bit more cool toned as well. I also had somewhat of an issue applying this product when I first tried it. I just don't know what it is about cream products that I just can't get the hang of. Putting my incompetency aside, this is actually a nice bronzer. You can read my full review of it HERE.  

Feel Vitamin E Balm $24.00
Review: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus September 2020
This was my third choice for my bag. I chose this because I didn't like the other choice options and I knew I would use this lip balm at some point. 

Avant Skincare Discovery Edit- Glycolic Acid Rejuvenating Face Exfoliator $114.00
Review: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus September 2020
This was the second item that Ipsy chose for me. I was a little confused by this pick for me since I really don't love getting skincare. I might have said I occasionally don't mind getting exfoliators and that could be why I got it. I just have so much skincare that getting more does not excite me. Again, I will use it at some point. However, I find the price point laughable. This is so small and I don't know anyone in their right mind that would pay that much for this face exfoliator.

Review: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus September 2020
I thought that this bag was really cute and fitting for the start of fall. This was probably the item that I liked the most out of my bag this month.

TOTAL VALUE: $248.00 

Ipsy offers discounts and cash back on brands/products featured in each month's glam bag. You are able to purchase full sized products that are sampled/or featured in the Glam Bag that month. The products are discounted from normal price and you can get cash bag on the purchase. They also offer "Ipsy Offers"that are discounted beauty bundles from different brands. Lastly, you are allowed to add "Add Ons" to your Glam Bag Plus which are other items featured that month that are not part of your personal box. These items are heavily discounted. Lastly, they offer "Mystery Bags".

Overall, this month's bag was a miss for me. Most of the products just didn't interest me. The one product that did interest me didn't work for me. Price wise, it was still definitely worth it. I was really surprised considering how good last month's bag was. I hope there are more products that interest me and that I have better luck next month!

Interested in signing up or learning more about Ipsy Glam Bag Plus? Click HERE

What did you think about the products that I recieved in this month's box? Post your comments below!

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