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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Review: Ipsy x Addison Rae Glam Bag X February 2022

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Hey Guys,
Today I'm going to share my thoughts on my Ipsy Glam Bag X for February! For those of you unfamiliar with Ipsy Glam Bag, it is a monthly beauty subscription box. You receive 5 deluxe/sample sized products each month. The subscription is $13.00 a month and each month is a different theme. With Glam Bag you are able to choose one product that goes into your bag. They also offer an upgraded box every month called Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. This box is $28.00 a month and includes 5 full sized products. You are able to choose 3 of the products in your bag and Ipsy chooses 2 for you. Ipsy's picks are based of your beauty quiz/product reviews. They also offer a quarterly bag that replaces your Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus called Glam Bag X. This box is $55.00 a quarter and includes 8 full sized products from higher end brands. Glam Bag X is usually curated by a special celebrity/influencer. With all subscriptions you also have the option to skip a month whenever you feel like it which is a huge bonus offering. I am currently subscribed to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus and Glam Bag X. The theme for this month is "Full Hearts". The celebrity that curated this month's Glam Bag X is Addison Rae. She chose a bunch of her favorite beauty products to feature in this box as well as some favorites from her personal beauty brand Item Beauty. Keep reading to see what I got in my bag this month! I will link all of the products in the description above each picture.

Ipsy x Addison Rae Glam Bag X February 2022
Review: Ipsy x Addison Rae Glam Bag X February 2022

Item Beauty On The Daily Eyeshadow Palette $24.00
Review: Ipsy x Addison Rae Glam Bag X February 2022

Here is a close up of the palette:

Review: Ipsy x Addison Rae Glam Bag X February 2022
This was the first item that I chose for my bag. I haven't tried many products from Item Beauty but I love that this is a neutral every day palette. I also like that there is a mix of matte and shimmer shades as well as different toned transition shades. I am looking forward to trying out this palette!

Here are swatches of the shadows:
Review: Ipsy x Addison Rae Glam Bag X February 2022

Review: Ipsy x Addison Rae Glam Bag X February 2022
Color Wow Hair Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer $26.00
This was the first item that Ipsy chose for me. I like to receive hair products every now and then. My hair needs some help in the volume department so I hope that this product works for me!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel $22.00
This is the second item that Ipsy chose for me. I have been using this brow gel since 2007/2008 so about 15 years! It is probably my most repurchased beauty product. It's just an amazing clear brow gel that keeps your hair in place without making them look crunchy or flaky. I highly recommend it.

Path McGrath Labs Lust: Lip Gloss in Peach Perversion $28.00
This was the third item that Ipsy chose for me. I was so excited to see such a high end/luxury brand featured in this box. I did wish that they sent me one of the more bronzey shades. However, I was happy to be able to try out the formula of this gloss. It's super buttery and not sticky at all. It also smells amazing. The gloss leaves a pretty sheen to the lips. I will mostly likely use it as a topper over a lipstick.

Here is a swatch of the lip gloss:

Review: Ipsy x Addison Rae Glam Bag X February 2022

Review: Ipsy x Addison Rae Glam Bag X February 2022
Aceology Multi-Vitamin Brightening Biodegradable Mask (4 pack) $59.00
This was the fourth item that Ipsy chose for me. I don't get excited when I receive sheet masks because I have SO MANY and rarely use them. I prefer other types of face masks over sheet masks. I will probably save this and gift it to someone.

Star Face Hydro-Stars $14.99
This was the second item that I chose for my bag. I always use pimple patches so I know that I will use these. I hope that they work as well as the other brands that I currently have.

MZ Skin Soothe & Smooth Hyaluronic Brightening Eye Complex $143.00
This was the fifth item that Ipsy chose for me. I use eye creams 2x a day every day so I know this will get used. The price of this is crazy so I am happy that I got it in this bag. I look forward to trying it out!

Review: Ipsy x Addison Rae Glam Bag X February 2022
Quay Australia High Key Mini in Black/Smoke $65.00
This was the third item that I chose for my bag. I love Quay Australia Sunglasses and was excited to see these aviators offered as a choice in this box. There was also a second style of Quay Sunglasses as a choice but aviators are more my style. The original High Key Sunglasses are super oversized and these are supposed to be a smaller size. They are still larger than the other aviators that I own and prefer but they are a good brand of sunglasses. I can't wait to wear these in the spring. Quay is offering a special discount to Ipsters this month since they are featured in the box. Use promo code IPSY20 to receive a 20% discount on your order

TOTAL VALUE: $381.99


Ipsy offers discounts and cash back on brands/products featured in each month's glam bag. You are able to purchase full sized products that are sampled/or featured in the Glam Bag that month. The products are discounted from normal price and you can get cash bag on the purchase. They also offer "Ipsy Offers" that are discounted beauty bundles from different brands. You are also allowed to add "Add Ons" to your Glam Bag Plus which are other items featured that month that are not part of your personal box. These items are heavily discounted. Lastly, they offer "Mystery Bags" which again are bags of heavily discounted products.

I decided to pick this up in add ons because it was 50% off an only $12.00. I don't remember if I have tried this mascara so I figured why not?

Rare Beauty With Gratitude, Dewy Lip Balm in Thankful $16.00
I don't remember if I paid $12.00 or less for this but I think it was $12.00. Now looking at the MSRP it isn't a huge discount but at the time it seemed like a good deal. I have wanted to try more Rare Beauty products and I liked that this is a nude color. It smells great and has decent pigmentation for a lip balm. It also feels like butter on the lips.

Here is a swatch of the lip balm:
Review: Ipsy x Addison Rae Glam Bag X February 2022

Overall, I was really happy with this Glam Bag X. This is my second Glam Bag X and I have been pretty impressed! There have been some really great brands featured each time. I will use a majority of the products in this box. The value far exceeds the price. I am looking forward to next months Glam Bag Plus!

Interested in signing up or learning more about Ipsy Glam Bag? Click HERE

What did you think about the products that I recieved in this month's box? Post your comments below!


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