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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Pregnancy Must Haves: First and Second Trimester

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Hey Guys,
If you follow me on Instagram you know that recently announced that I am pregnant with my first child. Even though my blog and Instagram are primarily beauty and fashion related being pregnant has become a huge part of my day to day life. I have decided to add an occasional blog post related to my pregnancy and this is my first. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and decided to put together a list of must haves that may help other moms-to-be. This post will be based around my personal must haves for the first and second trimester. I kept the list pretty short but these are the items that I highly recommend! Keep reading to hear more!

Pregnancy Must Haves: First and Second Trimester

Sea-Band Mama Anti-Nausea Acupressure Wristband for Morning Sickness

Pregnancy Must Haves: First and Second Trimester
I was someone that had morning sickness really really bad from about 6 weeks to 10 weeks. I was nauseous literally 24 hours a day. I had very little appetite because the smell of everything made me want to throw up. Luckily I didn't actually get sick THAT often but it definably became a thing or a few weeks. My boyfriend got me these sea bands to help prevent the nausea and they didn't help 100% but they did seem to relieve some of the nausea to make it a little more tolerable.

Pregnancy Must Haves: First and Second Trimester
The other item he picked up were these Preggie Pop candies. They have a sour taste so if you are not a fan of sour candy then you may not like these. I grew up eating War Heads so these are nothing compared to those. These also helped make the constant nausea a little more tolerable. Eating crackers helped a little too. For me, I preferred peanut butter crackers. Sugar-Free Jello also helped on the days that I needed a little extra hydration/small snack when food wasn't my friend.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula for Stretch Marks

Pregnancy Must Haves: First and Second Trimester
Stretch marks don't usually come super early into a pregnancy but I decided the earlier I started using something to try to prevent them the better! I bought the trial kit around 12 weeks and have been using it ever since. My skin is somewhat sensitive to scented products so I prefer cocoa butter in general. This formula doesn't bother me at all and is very moisturizing. Palmer's carries all different formulas for their stretch mark line. They carry a lotion, cream, butter, and oil. The kit comes with all 4 to try out. I recently just purchased a giant bottle of the lotion. I will try the belly butter and oil once my belly starts to pop a bit more. The cream is also nice if you have more dry skin or prefer a heavier formula.

Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Must Haves: First and Second Trimester

This is something you may not need first trimester but more into the second and third trimesters. Once you get into your second trimester you are encouraged to sleep on your left side at night. I am someone that has always slept on my stomach and back and barley ever on my side. I have had a very hard time adjusting to this. A pregnancy pillow is a great way to make yourself more comfortable sleeping on your side and to take the pressure off your back once your belly gets larger. I tried to sleep with the whole pillow for a week or so but my belly is not large enough for it to be worth it right now. Instead I unzipped the rectangular section which comes off and just use that between my legs for right now. Once my belly starts to get bigger and heavier I will use the whole pillow.

Booty By Brabants Leggings

Pregnancy Must Haves: First and Second Trimester
At about 10 weeks I noticed my jeans became harder to zip up. They were also starting to get uncomfortable on my belly. Belly size is very personal and every person is different. Some people start showing after a few months and other people don't pop until much further along. I am someone that wears leggings ALOT in general. However, they are becoming an everyday staple for me including when I want to go out for dinner and to events etc. I have been a fan of the Booty By Brabants legging line for many years. Her leggings make you feel and look great. She doesn't believe in numbers on pants which is also pretty great. Over the past few months I have noticed that out of all her legging styles her Originals are fitting me the most comfortable at about 20 weeks. I have a little belly but not much. The leggings are super stretchy, comfy, and stylish. 

Low Rise Maternity Jeans

Pregnancy Must Haves: First and Second Trimester
I haven't been a fan of low rise jeans since high school however I found a pair of Ingrid & Isabel maternity jeans that worked well with my slowly growing bump. At around 14 weeks my bump wasn't big enough to get the maternity jeans that have the stretchy fabric that comes up around your bump and right below your bra line. There was far too much extra fabric. These low rise maternity jeans have elastic sides which allow the pants to grow with your belly. The jeans come low enough that my stomach is not being forced to be sucked into the jeans. The legs have decent stretchy and the jeans were overall very comfortable. I did have to size down as they ran a bit big. If you have a large booty like myself they also weren't the most covering. I will have to wear a bodysuit when I wear these so that my bum or underwear don't pop out.

Maternity Tees/Tanks

Pregnancy Must Haves: First and Second Trimester
A last thing that I have found myself needing to buy are new basic tops. I picked up two v neck tee shirts from Ingrid & Isabel that are a bit longer than the rest of my tees and have rouching on the side to allow for the growing bump. The shirts had nice stretch and were affordable. I did size down to a small because this brand seems to run big. That being said, I can see myself reaching for these layering tees a ton this spring.

These are the top items that I find have been most useful for my first and second trimester. I hope that you found this post helpful!

What were your top pregnancy must haves for your first and second trimester? Let me know below!


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