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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stitch Fix-An Online Personal Styling Service For Women

About a month ago my friend was telling me about how her boyfriend uses this professional styling service that sends you items each month. You decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back. Now being a complete clothing junkie, I was interested right off the bat. The problem was that this service was only for men. I decided to do a google search to find a similar offering for women. That is when I found Stitch Fix.

So this is how it works: You sign up and fill out this very detailed fashion profile. The profile asks about your height, body type, etc as well as styles you like and don't like, how you want your clothes to fit (tight, loose, straight) , and what part of your body you like to accentuate. They then show pictures of different styles of clothing and ask you to rate the items in each picture. You are asked to let them know if there are colors or prints you love or don't like at all. Lastly, they ask the price range you want to spend on the items and what type of items you want them to send.

Once you fill out the profile you can decide when you want to get your first fix. In the fix they will send you 5 items consisting of clothing items and/or accessories. You choose if you want all dresses, a mixture of items, a scarf etc. You can do the fixes monthly, or on a one time basis (whenever you feel like it). If you decide to cancel the monthly fixes at any time you will not be charged. Once you schedule your fix, they ship out your items on that date and you will be charged a $20.00 styling fee. If you don't keep the items you do still have to pay the $20.00 styling fee. However, if you keep even one item, the $20.00 fee gets subtracted from the cost of the item. If you decided to keep all 5 items, not only does the $20.00 get subtracted but you get 25% off your entire order! How cool is that?

Another cool thing about Stitch Fix is with each item they send, they also send a picture card that shows how you can pair items you already have with this specific item. This concept is really awesome especially for people that hate to shop, are fashion impaired, or are too busy to go to shopping. It is also great for people like me who just love fashion in general.

If you refer friends and they decide to try out Stitch Fix, you get a $25.00 credit once their first fix gets sent out. Who doesn't love free money?

Now, time for my review of Stitch Fix. I was super excited for my first fix and when I got it I felt like a kid on Christmas. I loved all the pieces. I got 4 shirts and a scarf. Everything fit great but the pricing wasn't where I wanted it to be. When I was filling out the profile I wrote "the cheaper the better" for how much I want to spend on the items. The next price point up was $50.00-$100.00. I was hoping to get items all under $50.00 each but I didn't. I really loved 2 of the shirts but they were more than what I wanted to spend ($68.00 each). Also, one of the shirts had a pull in it. So unfortunately, I sent back all the items. After you get your fix you log into your account and fill out a survey on the items that they sent you. How you liked the fit, color, price etc. I made sure to note my disappointment in price. I also noted the shirt with the pull in it and how I would have liked more variety in what they send me. The customer service team emailed me back assuring me that the defective shirt was not Stitch Fix quality and they said that if I wanted to try another fix they would credit me the $20.00 styling fee. I agreed to do so.

Here are the two shirts that I loved but sent back:

Daniel Rainn-Kieraly Heart Print Short Sleeved Blouse

 Daniel Rainn-Bilson Pleat Detail Square Print Blouse

 My second fix was FAR better than the first. Not only did they make more of an effort to stay in my price range for the clothes, but they also gave me more of a variety in the styles that they sent me. You can link your pinterest account to your Stitch Fix account and if you see any items on their pinterest that you like, pin them and they will see. I did this and got 1 of their shirts I pinned and another shirt style that I pinned from their board. This time around they sent me a maxi dress, a tunic dress, and 3 tops. I ended up keeping 3 of the items. One of the shirts was too big and the dress just didn't flatter my shape. The items are definitely high quality not some cheap material. Their details are beautiful. Here are the items I kept from this fix:

41 Hawthorne Moni Stud Detailed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse $58.00

19 Cooper- Clemency Diamond Print Tab Sleeve Tunic $58.00

Red 23-Sparrow Tie Front Top $38.00

Which of the items did you like best? Let me know your opinions below.

I can't wait until my next fix! I will post about it once I get it. This will be my last one before the holidays.

If you want to see what Stitch Fix is all about, Click Here to Start Your Fashion Profile

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