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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Box Swap with UK Beauty Blogger Ruth from SweetPBeauT

Hi Ladies,
I'm really excited to share with you a fun beauty blogging activity that I recently took part in. I did my very first box swap which also happened to be an international box swap! I did the swap with UK Beauty Blogger Ruth from SweetPBeauT. Ruth has a ton of great reviews and how-to posts. Please make sure that you check out her blog. Also, see what goodies that I sent to her! Ruth and I met on a Twitter chat and got talking about how there are certain US cosmetic brands that she couldn't get in the UK and vice versa. That is when we decided to do a box swap. We set a price limit of $70.00 USD which included the products plus the cost to ship them. We sent out our boxes on April 1st and both recieved them about a week later.

Here are the items that Ruth sent me:

Along with the items, Ruth sent me a cute card that outlined each brand/item that she picked our for me and a few notes about each.

Sleek Makeup Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette in Light
Sleek Makeup is a well known UK-based cosmetic brand. I was so glad to see this item in my bag as I don't already have an all in one contour kit. Also, Ruth and I first started chatting after I read her post on contouring. I believe that Sleek Makeup is a mid-high end makeup brand in the UK. The colors are very pigmented and the palette is sturdy and great quality. This palette reminds me of the  NARSissist Cheek Kit. I am really enjoying using this palette.

2true Liquid Eyeliner
In her card, Ruth noted that this is a drugstore brand product. It has a sturdy felt tip and is pretty pigmented. I had a little bit of an issue applying but after layering the color a couple times, I got a solid line. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Cool Medium 2
Ruth said that this concealer is raved about by all the UK Beauty Bloggers. I have never heard of this brand before but I believe it is a drug store brand. It is thick and creamy and blends well. The color is a little pink for my skin tone but it seems to work pretty well coverage wise. 

Bourjois Blush in Golden Lilac
The next brand that Ruth sent we was Bourjois. It is a French based brand but is sold in the UK as well. I have heard of this brand before but have never tried their products. I don't think they sell this in the US but I could be wrong? I know that they sell it in Canada. Ruth said that this blush is a cult fave over in the UK. It has very cute packaging and comes with a little blush to apply it. It has a very strong perfume smell which may bother some people, but it doesn't bother me. The pigmentation is good but not as good as the pigmentation of the blush in the Sleek Makeup kit. It also has micro glitter throughout the blush. It actually looks like a baked blush. I have used this once and its very pretty on. You just need to build up the color.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Rose
Ruth picked this color out for me as she thought it would go good with my skin tone and hair color. She said that she has a similar color that she wears frequently. This lipstick is a gorgeous color and one of my favorite items in the box. It is pigmented but not completely opaque. You can easily build up the color. The above swatch is just two layers. This is a great everyday color for me. I think she did a great job at picking out this lipstick for me!

Bourjois Rose Exclusif in 01
The next item is a transforming lip gloss. This is a really cool product. I know there are US brands that have similar products, but I haven't tried any before. This gloss goes on clear then transforms into a unique and personalized pink on your lips. Ruth said this is her favorite lip gloss. It has a really lovely smell and I really like the color pink that it turns into on my lips.

Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint and Precision Shaping Pencil in Brownie Points
Soap and Glory is another UK brand that Ruth picked up for me. I believe a limited selection of Soap and Glory products and be purchased at Sephora. I did not see this brow pencil available. I do believe that you can purchase this brand online and have it shipped to the US.  Another thing Ruth and I have in common is our love for eyebrows! She has gone through a process to get her brows perfect however I am still learning. I have never used a brow tint so I am excited to try this out!

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme Plump in Very Berry
This is a lip plumper. On the box, it warns that this stings/tingles. This worried me a bit as I am a baby when it comes to plumpers that don't have a cooling sensation. The warning was for a good reason lol. This lip plumper most definitely tingles/stings. I did see a little difference in the plumpness of my lips but nothing extreme. The think the color is very beautiful.

MUA-Make Up Academy Professional Eyeshadow Palette in Heaven and Earth
This is the last brand that Ruth sent me. I was super excited to see this palette since 1. I have heard of the brand and 2. I love eyeshadows. I mentioned to her that I tend to gravitate towards neutrals and was very pleased to see these colors. MUA is a drugstore brand (I think) and is known for their rich colors and great pigmentation. As you can see,  most of these shadows are shimmers and there are a couple with glitter in them as well. The colors are very soft and creamy. I can't wait to use this palette more and show you some looks to create with it.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this box swap experience. It was really great to get to know Ruth and chat with her. I am now following her on Bloglovin' and look forward to her posts each week. Not only did I get to try out a bunch of new products that I was unfamiliar with, but I also gained a new blogger friend! I think that Ruth did an amazing job at picking out the products for me. She really put a lot of thought into each item that she chose. I can't wait to try out all these products! 

A huge thanks to Ruth for asking me to do this swap and for sending me these amazing products! xoxo

Have you tried any of these products or brands before? What were your thoughts on them? Post your comments below!

-Tanya xoxo

My unboxing video:
***At about 4 minutes into this video, my voice becomes out of sync with the video..this issue shows up on the original recording on my phone and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Sorry!***

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