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Monday, June 15, 2015

Review: Morphe Brushes

Hey Guys,
I picked up some Morphe Brushes at IMATS and wanted to share my thoughts on them. Keep reading to hear more!
Morphe Brushes

M460 1 1/2" Flat Contour $13.99
Morphe Brushes
This brush makes it super easy to contour and blend right below your cheekbones.

M439 Deluxe Buffer
Morphe Brushes
This is a good brush for applying foundation. It gives a nice and even application however, I prefer the E6 over this brush.

E6 Premium Flat Buffer $14.99
Morphe Brushes
This is a great brush for applying foundation and helps give a more full coverage look. It gives a flawless look and is super soft. The only negative thing that I have noticed is that these types of brushes are very hard to clean thoroughly. The foundations cakes onto the hairs and causes the brush to be clumpy. I have a really hard time getting all of the foundation out of the brush.

M107 Jumbo Powder Dome $8.99

Morphe Brushes
This is a great powder brush. It distributes power evenly and is very dense and fluffy. I have been using this brush everyday since I purchased it.

Overall, I was happy with the Morphe Brushes that I purchased. My favorites are the M107 and the E6.  I think that they are definitely worth their price tag. 

Have you tried any Morphe Brushes? What are your favorites? Post your comments below!

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