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Monday, August 10, 2015

Review: Borghese Beauty*

Hey Guys,
Today I am going to talk to you about products from a beauty brand that is new to me. The brand is called Borghese and has a full range of makeup, skincare, and body & hair care. I was able to try out some Borghese products and wanted to give you my thoughts on them and introduce you to the brand.
Borghese Beauty

First off, 
Borghese is pronounced "bawr-gey-zey" according to Dictionary.com or bor-gay-zay (how I would spell it sounded out).

Borghese is an Italian word. It actually refers to a member of a noble Italian family, originally from Siena, that was important in Italian politics and society from the 16th to the early 19th century.

Onto the Borghese brand,

Here is what is said about the brand on its website:
"Borghese has combined the tradition of classic Italian beauty and modern sensibility in its collection of color and skincare products, attuned to all the pleasures of nature and luxury of total pampering. Cosmetics that burst with the season's most alluring shades. Extraordinary anti-aging treatments. Restorative spa therapies. All, blending state-of-the-art science with the organic riches of the earth."

Perfetta Radiante Perfecting Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 20 $49.00
Borghese Beauty
in Caffe

Here is what is said about this foundation on the website:
"Perfetta Radiante is high performance color that feels like nothing you’ve ever worn before. Its buildable coverage doesn't simply mask imperfections, but rather, is formulated to improve skin's tone and clarity. Infused with antioxidants and Vitamins A,C and E, this weightless formula protects, blends beautifully, and illuminates skin with a clear, healthy glow. So sheer, so sublime, all you'll see is beautiful. For more coverage, simply apply a second (or even a third time) for a flawless yet natural looking finish."

Onto my thoughts:
I was a little bit hesitant when I first saw the two colors sent to me. Naturale looked far too light and Caffe was definitely too dark. Then, I figured I would mix the colors to create a color that worked for me. This foundation is super light weight and is almost like a moisturizer. It soaks right into the skin. I would definitely say this is more of a sheer coverage but you could build up to a light coverage but layering it on. I would agree with the claims that it gives your skin a healthy glow. It definitely makes your skin look better when you wear it but you will need a concealer to cover any pimples or dark circles. I was really surprised how much I liked this foundation. I usually prefer a matte foundation with medium to full coverage. This is very different from that but I still really liked it. I have been wearing it all the time. It has a slight shimmer to it that gives your skin a nice glow. I have combination/oily skin and this doesn't seem to make it worse. It also doesn't prevent it either.

Here are some pictures of the foundation:
Borghese Beauty

Left: Naturale Right: Cafe
Borghese Beauty
Mixed together
Borghese Beauty
Blended out; you can see the slight glow to my hand.

Eclissare ColorRise Blush in Stunner $30.00
Borghese Beauty

Borghese Beauty

Eclissare is pronounced "Ehy-clee-sar-ey" and translates to Eclipse.

Stunner is a soft rose with a golden shimmer. It gives such a beautiful glow to the cheeks. The shimmer in the blush isn't too overwhelming on the cheeks. The blush is really pigmented and lasts all day. I have been wearing this non stop. It's just such a beautiful everyday color that makes you look sun kissed. This blush also comes in a coral pink, a dusty peach, and a deep bronze with gold shimmer.

Eclissare ColorStruck Lipstick $25.00

Here is what is said about this product on the website:

"Vibrant, color-saturated lip crème. Multi-dimensional infusion of pigment and pearl for a fuller lip illusion. Shine, smooth, creamy, radiant and available in 12 tantalizing, color-rich shades."

Borghese Beauty
Edge is a light brown/nude with pink undertones.
Borghese Beauty

Borghese Beauty
Swoon is a coral peach color with gold shimmer.
Borghese Beauty
Both lipsticks are on the sheer side but are build-able. They are super creamy and moisturizing.  I prefer Edge to Swoon as Swoon has too much glitter for me.

Here are swatches of the blush and lipsticks:

Here is a look that I created using these products:

Borghese Beauty
Borghese Beauty
Overall, I really enjoyed trying out these products. I really loved the foundations and the blush and would be interested in trying more products from Borghese Beauty.

Have you tried any products by Borghese Beauty? Which products from above interest you the most? Post your comments below!

*I was sent these products for review purposes. However, the thoughts and opinions in this post are my own. I am always 100% honest in my reviews for all products discussed on my blog.

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