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Friday, October 14, 2016

Introducing Stitch Fix Men!

Hey Guys,
Today I am here to share some exciting news! Stitch Fix has launched Stitch Fix Men! It's the same great subscription service but now they cater to that special man in your life too! For those of you unfamiliar with Stitch Fix, it is a personal styling subscription service.
Introducing Stitch Fix Men!

So this is how it works: You sign up and fill out this very detailed fashion profile. Once you fill out the profile you can decide when you want to get your first fix. In the fix they will send you 5 items consisting of clothing items and/or accessories. You decide the types of items you want them to send you. Your are able to add special notes to your fix as well such as "please send me all shirts this month". You can schedule the fixes monthly, seasonally, or whenever you feel like it. You get to choose the date you want to receive your fix. If you decide to cancel the monthly fixes at any time you will not be charged. 

Once you schedule your fix, they ship out your items on that date and you will be charged a $20.00 styling fee. If you don't keep the items you do still have to pay the $20.00 styling fee. However, if you keep even one item, the $20.00 fee gets subtracted from the cost of the item. If you decided to keep all 5 items, not only does the $20.00 get subtracted but you get 25% off your entire order! How cool is that?

Another cool thing about Stitch Fix is with each item they send, they also send a picture card that shows how to style items you already have with this specific item. 

If you refer friends and they decide to try out Stitch Fix, you get a $25.00 credit once their first fix gets sent out. Who doesn't love free money?

Introducing Stitch Fix Men!

I think it is so great that they now offer this subscription for men. Some men hate to shop while others are just too busy to take the time to do so. It's a great gift idea and with the holidays right around the corner  and I think that you should all keep this in mind!

Are you interested in learning more about Stitch Fix Men or signing up for your first fix? Click the ad below!


*This post contains affiliate links through which I may be compensated, but all opinions are my own.

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