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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Favorite Dresses for Spring/Summer

Hey Guys,
I haven't worn many dresses this spring because it hasn't been that warm. However, I usually live in them from the end of Spring through the Summer months. They are just so easy and effortless to wear. Below I have come up with of my favorite dresses for the spring/summer along with some shoppable examples of each!

Favorite Spring/Summer Dresses

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dress have to be my favorite of all! They are easy to dress up or down and I don't have to worry about the length of them being an issue at work. They are so comfortable and I love how they fit my body. I think any woman can rock a maxi. Its just finding the right style to flatter your body. I own a TON of maxi dresses but plan to buy more for this year. I have started posting some of my older ones on Poshmark so that I don't feel guilty buying more lol

Tee Shirt Dresses
I may be making up the name of these but they are basically shorter dresses that are made out of tee shirt material. They are casual dresses that look like long shirts or have a casual look of a tee shirt. I have seen these dresses all over the place and think they are pretty popular this season. I don't own any but plan to pick a couple up. These dresses are on the shorter side so people with large booties like myself need to be careful with the length. That being said, they are super cute and are perfect for a lunch date or afternoon shopping.
Blouse Dresses
This is another name that I'm not quite sure that I got right. The dresses that I am trying to describe take inspiration from blouses. They usually have pockets on the front and some have 3/4 length tab sleeves. Another trend that I am seeing with these type of dresses are lace front tops like we have seen with blouses in the colder months. I have seen both fitted and loose blouse dresses and this this is a great style for all shapes and sizes.

Skater/Fit and Flare Dresses
While I don't love skater dresses on me, I do love the style. For some reason,  flowy girly clothing feels weird on me. I like clothing either super tight and sexy or loose/baggy. I think skater dresses are super cute in general though and think they are perfect for the summer and spring months. Especially the tank top/spaghetti strap style dresses. I think the slinky almost cami like dresses are adorable. I have also seen alot with criss cross tops which is wicked cute!

What are your favorite style dresses for spring? Post your comments below!

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