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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cute & Trendy Rompers Under $50.00

Hey Guys,
Now that it's June and the weather is warm in most places, I wanted to share some of my favorite rompers under $50.00. Rompers have been around for a while but I feel like they are becoming a super popular trend and staple for the summer. There are so many different styles and shapes. Some rompers are very casual and comfy for a day at the beach while others are more fancy for a night out on the town. They can be strapless, tank top, or even off the shoulder. The styles are endless. While not every romper is for every body type, there are definitely styles that flatter every body shape! You don't need to spend a lot on a romper as practically every retailer/brand carries them in the warmer months. Below I have included some of the different styles that I discussed above. There is a good mix of shapes, colors, cuts etc.

Cute and Trendy Rompers Under $50.00

Fashion Nova
I wanted to mention Fashion Nova specifically in this post because they currently have a TON of rompers on their site. Many of which are under $30.00. You can check them out HERE.

Here is a code to use if you find anything you like! HAPPY30 (if this doesn't work, let me know and I will find you another!).

Here are some rompers from Fashion Nova that I have purchased recently. You will see more of them in my upcoming fashion haul:

I Don't Fall Easily Romper
No Discipline Romper
Drifting Slowly Romper

What do you think about rompers? What is your favorite style from above? Post your comments below!

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