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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Spring/Summer Fashion Haul Part 2: Fashion Nova

Hey Guys, 
Today I am sharing part 2 of my Spring/Summer fashion haul and try on. All the items in this haul are from Fashion Nova. As you know, I've had some complaints about this company in the past. I took a little break but have slowly started buying from them again starting at the beginning of the year. I have noticed that their shipping has been alot better and I haven't received random emails for giftcards because they couldn't fill my orders. I think they are taking in peoples complains and working on improving them. One issue that I still have is that they are out of stock on so many items and aren't able to restock quickly if at all. That being said, their clothes are very affordable and fit into my budget. The quality of their close are also very good. Anyways, to see what I picked up, check out my video below!

Products discussed in video:

Femme Floral Military Jacket
Harlie Moto Jacket
Casual Lover Skirt

You can check out part 1 of my spring/summer fashion haul HERE

Thanks for watching!

What was your favorite Fashion Nova piece from my haul? Post your comments below!

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