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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Review: FabFitFun Summer Box 2020

*This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click on my link and buy something, I will earn a small commission from the advertiser at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting Leopard Lace and Cheesecake!

Hey Guys,
Today I'm going to share my Summer FabFitFun Box! For those of you unfamiliar with FabFitFun it is a quarterly subscription that you get every season. The box is filled with beauty, fashion, home, and lifestyle items and the fun part is you are able to pick some of the items! There are a few items that are featured items picked from the FabFitFun team. Seasonal members (who are subscribed quarterly) are able to pick 3 of the items in your box. You usually have 2-5 choices to pick from. If you are a select member (those who subscribe for the year in advance) you are able to pick 5 of the items in your box.  You also have the option to add on additional products. I really like the variety that this subscription box offers.  I am a yearly subscriber and decided to purchase an additional choice item in this box as an add on. Keep reading to see what I got!
Review: FabFitFun Summer Box 2020

FabFitFun Summer 2020 Box

Review: FabFitFun Summer Box 2020

Review: FabFitFun Summer Box 2020
I picked this item because I don't own anything like this. I have recently set up an office in my spare bedroom for working at home and thought having this charging pad hooded up to my laptop would be handy. The design is really cute however, it doesn't charge as fast as I hoped it would.

The Giving Keys Mini Key Necklace $45.00
I couldn't decide between a couple of items for one of the choice option so I decided to add this on as an additional item in my box since it was only $10.00. This necklace is cute but the key charm is wayyy smaller than I thought it was going to be.

I took a chance by picking these as I wasn't sure if I was going to like them or not. I have a million pairs of aviators so I decided to try something different. Quality wise they are nice sunglasses. Unfortunately, I do not love how these look on me so I will pass them on to someone else.

Review: FabFitFun Summer Box 2020
Spongellé Coconut Verbena Hand Cream $18.00
Hand cream isn't exciting to me and I don't use it that much. The scent does sound like something I would like so I will probably keep it for the winter months when my hands get really dry.

I don't really ever use foot creams so I will most likely pass this on or save it for a giveaway.

I actually just ran out of my current toner so I am using this now. Its fine but price wise it is extremely expensive for a toner.

Brow products are something that I use almost every day so I was pretty pumped to get this. I am familiar with the brand but haven't tried this product before. I'm looking forward to trying this out.

Review: FabFitFun Summer Box 2020
I originally saw a different vase for the Summer spoilers but the person that posted it was wrong. This vase is actually pretty cute in person. Mine has some stains on it which I wasn't happy about but it does look cute on my new desk with some artificial roses in it.

I was excited to get this lunch box because it is cute and my current one is giant. That being said, this one is alot smaller than I thought it was going to be. Also, I went to unbutton the handle and it broke. FabFitFun was very good about immediately sending me a replacement. I will try to use this for work but since its smaller than I was hoping it may be a good cooler for the beach instead.

TOTAL VALUE: $302.00

Overall, I wasn't thrilled with this box. I had some issues with more than one of the items and the non choice items didn't excite me. Either way it was def worth the cost of the box as the value far exceeded it. My favorite item in the box is probably the vase or the lunch box. I'm hoping that I have more luck with the fall box and can't wait to see spoilers!

If you are interested in learning more about FabFitFun or want to sign up you can use my referral link HERE to get $10.00 off your first box!

Have you signed up for FabFitFun? Which item from the box interests you the most? Post your comments below!

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