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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Review: Charlotte Tilbury Bigger, Brighter Eye Tricks Bundle

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Hey Guys,
It's been a while since I've purchased Charlotte Tilbury products but I finally picked up some more! Last year I purchased my first Charlotte Tilbury products including the infamous Pillow Talk lipstick. You can read my review (HERE). I've had my eyes on some of her other products for quite a while. Her brand is considered a "luxury" brand and the prices can be pretty expensive. That is why I have waited to make another purchase. There was a pretty big summer sale on the brands website last week. She doesn't offer big discounts that often so I decided to take advantage. I picked up two bundles and one other product. Today I will be reviewing her Bigger, Brighter Eye Tricks Bundle. Keep reading to hear my thoughts on the products in this bundle!

Review: Charlotte Tilbury Bigger, Brighter Eye Tricks Bundle
The bundle was created specifically for her sale and is no longer available. The bundle was 40% off which made it $64.20 ($107.00 value). It included the Bigger Brighter Eyes Exagger-eyes Palette, an Eyes To Mesmerize Cream Eyeshadow of your choice, and a The Classic Eye Powder Pencil in either black, dark brown, or shimmering brown. Below I will discuss each product in the bundle.

Review: Charlotte Tilbury Bigger, Brighter Eye Tricks Bundle
Here is what is said about the palette on the Charlotte Tilbury Site:
"Bigger Brighter Eyes in Exagger-Eyes is a rose-gold eyeshadow palette quad, featuring an ivory-cream, rose-gold, red-brown and a transparent sparkle shade to create the illusion of wider, brighter-looking eyes. Inspired by the sparkling, eye-widening filters of social media!

  • Easy new application with the Prime, Enlarge, Define & Pop shades.
  • Color-curated to enhance your natural eye color and sparkle.
  • Four complementing eyeshadow shades to take from desk to dusk to disco.
  • Ideal if you want the biggest, brightest-looking eyes with an eyeshadow palette to suit everyone."
Here is a close up of the palette:
Review: Charlotte Tilbury Bigger, Brighter Eye Tricks Bundle

Here are swatches of the palette:
Review: Charlotte Tilbury Bigger, Brighter Eye Tricks Bundle

On to my thoughts:
I have very mixed thoughts on this palette. The normal price alone is extremely expensive for what you get. I would not pay $53.00 for this palette. Its definitely a way better deal in the bundle that I got which is why I purchased it. The colors looked different to me in the pictures online vs in person. It looks darker to me in person but is still pretty.

In terms of pigmentation, the shades have decent pigmentation aside from pop shade which is on the bottom left of the palette. The pop shade has isn't pigmented at all and mainly glittery. Its not a chunky glitter but more of a fine glitter. I can barley see it when trying to apply it to the middle of my lid. The pay off is extremely subtle but she does state that its a transparent glitter. Its a very hard shadow and I probably have to dig up the shade to get more color pay off. The top two shimmer shades are pretty and apply nicely. The bottom right matte shade is pretty but I wish it was a tad bit darker. The shades blend nicely and lasted for about 7 hours without any noticeable fading or creasing.

Charlotte created these palettes along with a guide on the back on where to place each shade. She suggests to use the first top left shade across the whole lid. I followed her steps and did this but found it to be far too shimmery for my liking. She also has you apply it to the inner corners to bring a focus to your eyes. I do this all the time and think this shade is great for that. The second top right shimmer shade she says to use on your whole lid and in your crease. You also use it under your bottom lash line. This works nice for those areas. The matte shade on the bottom right is supposed to be used on the outer corner of your eyes and a little on the bottom lash line. It is said to open your eyes which I agree with. I just wish it was a tad darker for a bit more drama. The bottom left pop shade is supposed to be used in the center of your lid for a subtle pop. Again, I had a really hard time with that shade and barley noticed a different when adding this on top. Its there, but its the most subtle glitter. When swatching the glitter alone its definitely super pretty and maybe this little pop is what really makes the whole look come together. If you are a makeup newbie, like some sort of direction on how and where to apply shades, or will use this non stop, then this palette is worth it. If you are someone that is a huge fan of CT products or are looking for a luxury product that you will get a lot of use out of then you will like this product. If you have tons of makeup like myself wait to get it when its offered in some sort of bundle or with a discount.

When comparing the price and quality, I don't think that this palette is any better than other palettes that I own that are half the price (and include way more shadows). However, the finished look comes together SO nicely and just looks so stunning. This is why I feel torn. The final eye look is so gorgeous. 

Review: Charlotte Tilbury Bigger, Brighter Eye Tricks Bundle
Here is what is said about this product on the Charlotte Tilbury website:
"Darlings, my Eyes to Mesmerise in Oyster Pearl is a cream eyeshadow formula in an antique oyster-gold shade that creates maximum impact with minimum effort.

  • This is the ultimate fool proof product & forms part of my One-Minute No-Mirror Makeup.
  • Easy glide-on formula won’t drag on your delicate eye area
  • Vitamin E hydrates and conditions"
Here is a swatch of this cream shadow:
Review: Charlotte Tilbury Bigger, Brighter Eye Tricks Bundle

On to my thoughts:
I have had my eye on these cream shadows for a while. The looked so quick and easy. This was another reason why I chose the bundle that I did. It included two products that I've been wanting to try for quite a while for almost half the price. I was able to choose which cream shadow shade I wanted in the bundle. I decided on Oyster Pearl which was previously called "Marie Antoinette". The pot is small but it will last you for a long time considering how little product you need to use. I used a brush to apply this product but you can use your fingers as well. It blended really nicely onto the lids. You can layer the shadow to get a more pigmented look. It sets nice and lasted for most of the work day. I noticed a little bit of creasing/fading around 6pm after having it on for almost 11 hours. So yes I agree that it is long wearing like she claims. This is a great product if you are looking to create a quick eye look. Simple yet pretty. During the sale, there was a trio of these for $58 that I almost purchased. If this bundle is offered again on Black Friday I will definitely pick it up. I would love to own more of these since I have been doing a lot of quick and easy looks lately.

The Classis Eye Powder Pencil in Shimmering Brown $22.00
Review: Charlotte Tilbury Bigger, Brighter Eye Tricks Bundle
Here is what is said about this product on the Charlotte Tilbury site:
"Darlings, The Classic Eyeliner in Shimmering Brown is a soft medium brown eyeliner pencil shade ideal for subtle definition around your eyes. Enriched with a mix of specially-blended oils & fine opaque powders for a super soft, blendable line.

  • Get a chic makeup look with the soft powder pencil formula
  • The mix of oils & powders make this eyeliner really easy to apply and very blendable
  • Soothing allantoin makes this eyeliner pencil perfect for the delicate eye area
  • Ideal for an effortlessly natural daytime look or for very fair skin tones.
Here is a swatch of the eyeliner:
Review: Charlotte Tilbury Bigger, Brighter Eye Tricks Bundle

On to my thoughts:
This pencil came in the bundle which was fine. I don't really use eyeliners on my top lash line. I only use them on my waterline. I chose the shimmering brown shade because that is the shade I prefer when creating a night time look. I don't use black because I think it is too harsh and makes your eyes look smaller. I decided to add the smallest amount of this liner to my top lashes just for review purposes. It is creamy and has good pigmentation. I do think you would be able to smudge it out easily. I don't think the eyeliner is life changing but it's nice.

Overall, Charlotte Tilbury products are not something that I would buy for myself all of the time but I am glad that I made this purchase. They are more of a treat for me considering the luxury price tag. I don't think I would pay full price for all of these products but as a bundle it was totally worth it. If I had to pick one product that I think would be worth purchasing by itself it would probably be the Eyes to Mesmerize Cream Shadow. I think that you get the most for your money with that product. If you are looking to try out some Charlotte Tilbury products I strongly suggest purchasing them off of her website over Sephora. She offers many different bundles that allow you to get her products for a discounted price. She also has sales that give you more discounts than what Sephora offers. New customers can also sign up and get 10% off their purchase. I have more Charlotte Tilbury products to review in coming weeks so keep an eye out!

What are your favorite Charlotte Tilbury products? Let me know below!


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