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Friday, December 19, 2014

Boogs Bracelets*

Hi Ladies!
Today I am going to talk about a local company called Boogs Bracelets. For those of you that love hand crafted items that you can find on Etsy, you will love Boogs Bracelets. The company was created and owned by fellow Bostonian Susan Goldstein. All of her bracelets are hand made. Susan specializes in Cancer Awareness Bracelets but also makes fashion bracelets, bracelets for girls, and bag bracelets.
Boogs Bracelets
To give a little background: Susan started Boogs Bracelets when her mother got cancer in 2009. She started the company to honor and support her mother during her illness. She named the company after the nickname her mother was given as a child. Cancer affects almost everyone is some way, shape, or form. Susan thought that these bracelets would be a great way to honor the women in your life who have been touched by Cancer.

Susan has bracelets to represent the top 8 Cancers that women are at risk of developing. A portion of the sale of the bracelets are donated to Cancer charities

You can check out Boogs Cancer Awareness Bracelets HERE.
Boogs Bracelets
Susan also makes fashion bracelets like the black onyx and Thai brass bracelet above. The bracelet has nice neutral colors that you can mix it with a bunch of different bangles and bracelets. I love the rustic look of the Thai brass.
Boogs Bracelets
You can check out Boogs Fashion Bracelets HERE.
All of Susan's bracelets range in price from $25.00-$45.00 depending on the style. Some are more like wrap around bangles while others are single bracelets like above.
Boogs Bracelets
Susan also makes Bag Bracelets which you can hook onto your purse, gym bag, yoga bag, etc. The prices range from $15.00-45.00 depending on the style.Some are more on the simple sides with few beads while others have cute little charms on them. You can check out her Bag Bracelets HERE.
Boogs Bracelets
Boog Bracelets also has a sale page where you can get bracelets for $15.00. You can check that out HERE.

Susan makes some really cute bracelets that can be worn alone or with other arm candy. I love the personal meaning behing Boogs Bracelets. She also has a cute Frenchie named Bella that I know Jax would love to meet one day! Please go check out her site and all the bracelets that she has to offer!

Contact Info:

Susan Goldstein

Email: boogsbracelets@yahoo.com
Instagram: @boogs_bracelets
Twitter: @boogsbracelets
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/BOOGS-BRACELETS/191588475757

Which bracelet on the Boogs Bracelets site interests you the most? Post your comments below!

-Tanya xoxo

*This is a sponsored post. I was sent these products for review purposes. However, the thoughts and opinions in this post are my own. I am always 100% honest in my reviews for all products discussed on my blog.

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