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Monday, December 15, 2014

The Resolute Beauty Blogger December 2014

Hi Ladies!  Beauty Bloggers Shalunya from Shalunya and Boyet and El from The Beauty Isle teamed up to create The Resolute Beauty Blogger. They wanted to do this to not only stay on track with their Beauty Blog Resolutions for 2014 but also to give other beauty bloggers the chance to join in on the action. I have posted my goals and updates each month for the past year.

Here are my goals and FINAL updates on each:
Gain a larger following- Overall, I know that if I was more active in Twitter and Twitter chats, I could have grown my social medial following a lot more. Sometimes it sucks because I feel that blogging can be a huge popularity contest. Everyone would like to do a sponsored post every now and then or work with companies to build relationships and grow your presence in the beauty world. However, many companies won't even consider working with you unless you have a huge following. I think that it is valid somewhat but I feel like the quality of your work is important too. That being said, I am not going to stress over getting followers and lose sight of why I started blogging in the first place...because I love beauty and fashion and it is my passion.

Continue to collaborate with other beauty bloggers- I recently just did a Holiday Makeup Look Collaboration with El (The Beauty Isle), Elle (Elle Sees), Lily (Beauty with Lily) and Cyndi (CDel Beauty). You can check out our collab HERE.

Learn more about the beauty blogger world-I have learned a TON about blogging in the past year. Attending local events, becoming friends with other bloggers, and working with different companies have taught me so much. I am so thankful for all the people that I have met and knowledge that I have gained. I feel like I learn more and more as time goes on and that I will continue to learn new things. The blogging world is constantly changing.

Participate in a No Buy and Tags-UGH I haven't done either of these lately and barley any no-buys for the year. I didn't try very hard to be honest. I can tell you that after this past year, and as of lately, I don't feel the urge to buy buy buy when it comes to makeup. I feel like I am in makeup overload. For 2015, I really plan to chill when it comes to purchasing makeup that I want but don't need. Its very tempting when I am reading blogs and watching YouTube videos of the newest products but I need to fight the temptation and not spend all my money on things that I don't need.

Try to do more fashion related posts-I recently did a Holiday Outfit Ideas post HERE. Over the past year I added a new fashion series called What's in My Closet?. I would like to add one more fashion series to my blog.

Try to use Instagram and Twitter more often- I have been a little more active on Twitter this month because of a blogging event that I attended but I haven't been as active as last month. Overall, I have been less active on social media in general because I am trying to balance blogging with my personal life. I still enjoy Instagram the most and tend to be on it more than your average person. Still not a huge fan of Twitter. Things really haven't change overall in that sense.

Try out more drugstore brand products-I haven't tried any new drugstore brands this month. However, I have tried ALOT of new drugstore products over the past year. Some of my favorite products this year are drug store brands! Rimmel, L'Oreal, Nyx, and Maybelline will be making an appearance on my list for Favorite Products for 2014.

***Side note: I haven't been posting in my notebook that often lately. I feel like when I don't do this, my ideas are all over the place. Over the past year, when I have had ideas written down in my notebook and have had a blog schedule mapped out, blogging has been less stressful to me. I need to get back on track with doing this again.

My Personal Resolutions:

Be more positive and appreciate what I have- This past year, I have had a lot of emotional things happen in my life. I have lost a friend, gained new ones, became an auntie again, and have deal with other joys and hardships. Looking back, I am so lucky to have SO MANY amazing people and things in my life. I am very thankful for that. For 2015, my goal is to be more positive. I think that I am off to a good start.

Eat healthier-NOPE..UGH!!! Once the holidays are over, I WILL start to diet again and try my best to eat healthy. I'm pretty disappointed with my eating habits this year. I used to be very good at cutting out carbs and I just stopped caring as much this year. I could definitely see the difference in my body from eating all the carbs. I need to get my abs back!

Thank you for taking the time to read my updates each month!  I truly appreciate it! I have really enjoyed looking back at the past year. I am so happy with how my blog has grown and how I have grown as a person. I'm proud of all the hard work that I have put into blogging and can't wait to see what the future brings for Leopard Lace and Cheesecake!

-Tanya xoxo

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