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Friday, December 5, 2014

Review: Wantable Makeup Box November 2014

 Hi Ladies!
Today I'm going to share with you my November Wantable Makeup Box! For those of you unfamiliar with Wantable, it is a beauty subscription box that you can sign up for monthly (or whenever you would like). It is $36.00 a month or $40.00 for a one time box. You get 4-5 full size products that are tailored to your beauty profile that you fill out when signing up. If you are not happy with your box, you can send the whole box back and get a refund. They also have  Jewelry Subscription Box and an Intimates Subscription Box as well. 

The featured cosmetic brands for the month of November are Surratt Beauty,  Surrealiste Skin, yourMinerals, and PLA Beauty.

On to the products that I recieved!

Lise Water Blush on Powder in $24.00
 This is a really pretty blush! The packaging is so pretty and the blush is so soft and pigmented. It is a pretty mauve color that blends nicely. There is a little compartment underneath that has a little brush which would work just fine if you didn't have a blush brush with you.

Mia Bellezza Luxe Creme Gel Liner in Verde $16.50
 This gel liner is a really pretty olive green color with gold flecks. The liner is very creamy and pigmented. I had a little bit of an issue applying it but I know that it is because I don't have a great liner brush. Once applied, it lasted all day with no significant fading.

PLA Beauty Glam Lip Gloss in Skinny Dip $22.00
 This gloss looked really pretty in the tube. However, when I used it on my lips it almost blended in and looked the same color. This was a bit of a disappointment. That is why I prefer lipsticks more than glosses. Lipsticks tend to be more opaque. That being said, this gloss is nice and creamy and not sticky at all. This color gave my lips a little tint of color but may probably show up better on someone else.

Surratt Beauty Smokey Eye Baton in Mauve $35.00
At first glance, I wasn't sure how this was a liner and shadow. After inspecting the liner, I realized there was another end to it. This is a pretty purple color.
 One end has a retractable eyeliner.
 The other end has a sponge tip applicator with a shadow in the cap.
After using this, I was pretty disappointed. The applicator makes it hard to get an even application of shadow on your lid. You also have to keep dipping the applicator back into the cap to get more color which is a pain, especially since you have to twist the cap on in order to get to the shadow inside. This product also applies very patchy. I had to add another shadow on top of this to make my makeup look better. I noticed significant creasing after only an hour. This product is definitely not worth $35.00 in my opinion. I will continue to use the liner side but not the shadow.

I used the blush, lip gloss, and gel eyeliner that I recieved in this box to create the look below.
 Overall, I was a little disappointed with this box. I only really liked two of the four items in this box and one was a fail. That being said, the total value of this box was $97.50. I only paid $20.00 for this box because I had a $10.00 credit and recieved 25% off from a promotional code. So, it was still a good deal in my opinion. I have noticed that Wantable is offering 25% off discounts pretty often as of lately. This tempts me even more to get another box!

Are you interested in signing up for a Wantable Makeup, Accessories, or Intimates Box? Click my referral link HERE.

What do you think of my November Makeup Box? What item interests you the most? Post your comments below!

-Tanya xoxo

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