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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Review: ColourPop x Shaaanxo Collab

Hey Guys,
When my husband bought me all the ColourPop stuff for Christmas, ColourPop was giving away giftcards for spending certain amounts of money. He got a $15.00 gift card however it expired on 1/31/15. I couldn't let that free money go to waste so I had to pick up more ColourPop stuff! Recently, ColourPop launched their collab that they did with YouTube Guru Shaaanxo. They also started shipping to New Zeland and Australia. I decided to pick up the foursome because it was all warm/neutrals. Two shadows are a matte finish and two are a pearlized finish. I was happy about this because I haven't been loving the super glittery (metallic) finishes. Keep reading to see what I think about this foursome!
Shaaanxo x ColourPop Foursome

Shaaanxo x ColourPop Foursome $20.00
Shaaanxo x ColourPop Foursome
ColourPop Selfie
Selfie is a mid-toned peachy brown in a matte finish. It is very buttery and pigmented. This is a gorgeous transition shade! I can see myself reaching for this alot. To apply this to the crease, I first use my finger. Next I take a brush and blend it out. Lastly, I dip my blending brush into the shadow and go back and add to the color on my lid. The reason why I add the shadow with my finger first is that ColourPop shadows are the most pigmented when you apply them with your fingers. So, apply it first with your finger with give you the best coloring. Once I go back and add more with my brush, I am just building up the color since blending takes some away.

ColourPop Deluxe
Deluxe is a warm red bronze in a pearlized finish. Pearlized is basically shimmery. This is a really beautiful brown. I don't really think it is bronze but that is just my opinion. This is a great crease color. Once again this has great pigmentation.

ColourPop XO
XO is a light champagne in a pearlized finish. This is SUCH a gorgeous lid color. You can also use it on the inner corners of your eyes to brighten up your look. 

ColourPop Rebel
Rebel is a mid-toned khaki green in a matte finish. This will probably get used the least out of all of the colors in this foursome just because I don't wear greens often. However, it is a nice color to use on the lid for a green smokey eye.

Here are swatches of the shadows:
L-R: XO, Selfie, Deluxe, and Rebel

Here are some looks that I created using these shadows:
Shaaanxo x ColourPop Foursome
Shaaanxo x ColourPop Foursome
Shaaanxo x ColourPop Foursome
Shaaanxo x ColourPop Foursome
Lid: XO
Transition: Selfie
Crease: Deluxe
These pictures really don't do this look justice. It looked SO pigmented and beautiful in person. I applied these shadows at 7:15 am before work. The shadows looked almost exactly the same by 8:30 that night when I went to take my makeup off. I didn't experience ANY creasing or fading which was amazing. It looked like I just applied the makeup. I was super impressed by that.

Lid: Rebel
Transition: Selfie
Lower Lash Line: Deluxe
Inner Corners: XO
I used Gilded Ganache from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette on the crease for this look.  This look did crease a bit but it was mainly the Too Faced Shadow. Next time I might not use a crease color and bring Rebel into the crease as well.

Overall, this has to be my favorite foursome that I own (I have three others). These are hands down my favorite ColourPop shadows that I have purchased. I have 22 total. I really love the matte and pearlized finishes and think these are great everyday colors. I would totally recommend this foursome to anyone that wants to try out ColourPop and likes neutral colors.

Have you tried ColourPop? What is your favorite color from above? Post your comments below!

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