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Friday, July 24, 2015

How to Get Your Best Fix with Stitch Fix:

Hey Guys,
As most of you know, I have been subscribed to Stitch Fix​ for quite some time now. You can check out all of my Stitch Fix reviews on my Subscriptions Page HERE. I wanted to quickly share some tips on how to get your best possible fix with Stitch Fix. To hear what they are keep reading!

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  1. Keep Your Style Profile Up to Date: Stitch Fix is always adding new questions to your style profile. Check every few months to see if things have changed. Also, if you have any changes in style or size preference, make sure to update those too!
  2. Write a Note to Your Stylist Every Time You Schedule a New Fix: Got a special event coming up? Only want a specific type or article of clothing? Note this when you schedule your next fix! I tend to note what I loved or disliked about my previous fix if something really stood out to me. Also, I tend to note when seasons have changed for me in Boston. For example, I might ask for "items that will transition me into the Fall" for August. I also like to note if I am looking for specific items like "send me sweaters and long sleeves".
  3. Always Leave Feedback When You Checkout: Its always best to leave the most feedback possible. What did you like about your fix? What did you dislike about your fix? What did you like or dislike about each specific item? Did you like the color, the style, the cut? Etc. The more info the better. This way your stylist can get to know your likes and dislikes and get your style down to a T.
  4. Link to a Pinterest Style Board: Make sure that you link your pinterest style board to your Stitch Fix account. Also, make sure to keep it up to date! Your stylist will make sure to check out your pins to get an idea of your style and likes. Stitch Fix also has their own pinterest boards. They often post clothing and accessories that they carry on their boards. Make sure to pin any Stitch Fix looks that you are digging. This way your stylist knows that you want it in your fix!
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I hope these tips have helped you get a better idea of how to get your best fix with Stitch Fix.

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*This is a sponsored post.

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