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Monday, July 20, 2015

Review: ColourPop Bronzers and Blushes

ColourPop Bronzers and Blushes
Hey Guys, I'm here to share my thoughts on some more ColourPop products. This time I will be talking about their blushes and bronzers. ColourPop has been on fire since they first launched introducing new product after new products. They lauched blushes, bronzers, and highlighters a while ago but I am just getting around to reviewing them. Keep reading to hear my thoughts!
ColourPop Bronzers and Blushes

Bronzer in Happy Hour $8.00
ColourPop Bronzers and Blushes
This is a deepened bronze in a matte finish. It is pretty dark on my natural skin tone but looks better with a tan. I prefer matte bronzers over shimmer ones in general. This isn't too orange or red.

ColourPop Bronzers and Blushes
This is a golden bronze in a satin finish. Its recommended for medium to dark skin tones but I obviously don't listen to things like that. I got this color for when I don't have a tan. Even though its a bit shimmery, its still very pretty.

Blush in Jelly Fish $8.00
ColourPop Bronzers and Blushes
This is a bright red coral with a pearlized finish. I think its a really pretty color for the summer. Especially if you have a nice tan.

ColourPop Bronzers and Blushes
This is a mid toned beige pink in a matte finish. I was kind of disappointed with this shade because so many YouTubers raved about it. It barley showed up on me.

Blush in Cheerio $8.00
ColourPop Bronzers and Blushes
This is a deep cranberry in a satin finish. It is my favorite of all the blushes/bronzers that I purchased. I think it looks really good against my tanned skin tone right now. You need to apply with with a light hand or you can put on way too much.

Here are swatches of the products:
ColourPop Bronzers and Blushes
L-R: Cheerio, In between the Sheets, Jelly Fish, Pool Side, Happy Hour

To be quite honest, in all, I prefer powder blushes and bronzers over these. They are most pigmented using your fingers and I just don't like the idea of applying brush and bronzer with my fingers. Its messy and I don't think it applys evenly. I used a stippling brush to apply them and the pigmentation just wasn't as good as some of my other blushes and bronzers. I woudln't say DON'T purchase these. Since they are only $8.00 I would say try one or two out and form your own opinion on them. I don't regret purchasing because then I wouldn't know that they aren't for me.

Does anyone have any tips for getting these to apply more pigmented without using your fingers?

Have you tried the ColourPop blushes or bronzers? What are your thoughts? Post your comments below!

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