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Monday, March 21, 2016

Review: Wantable Accessories Collection February 2016

Hey Guys,
Today I am going to share my thoughts on my Wantable Accessories Collection for February! For this month, I asked for some silver pieces because I already have a ton of gold. I am thinking of getting these boxes every other month to save some money. That means that going forward I will need to think of what I really am interested in getting. Giving better notes each month will help improve my boxes and my overall satisfaction of them.

For those of you unfamiliar with Wantable, it is a personal styling service that you can sign up for monthly (or whenever you would like). It is $40 for your first box and $36.00 every month after that. You get 4-5 products that are tailored to your beauty profile that you fill out when signing up. If you are not happy with your collection, you can send the whole box back and get a refund. They have 3 different type collections; an Accessories Collection, a Makeup Collection, and an Intimates Collection. They recently just added two more subscriptions that are a little different. The Style Edit and the Fitness Edit. These boxes are a little bit more pricey. You pay a $20 styling fee and they send you 5 hand picked items that you can choose to purchase or send back.

Here is what I recieved in my February Accessories Collection:
 Wantable Accessories Collection February 2016

Spiral Ring Price ?
 Wantable Accessories Collection February 2016
This ring wasn't on my order details. I was supposed to get a pair of Adelaide Silver Studs with a pearl center but this was in the box instead. Retail Price was $16.00 and Wantable Price was $7.11. I was actually glad that I got these instead as I'm not a huge fan of pearls. However, it was a little big and I lost it! I wore it to work one day and I took it off because it got uncomfortable after a while since I don't wear things on my index finger. I can't for the life of me figure out where I put it! I'm assuming I lost it. Sucks.

Aveline Necklace Multi Retail Price $39.00 Wantable Price $17.33
 Wantable Accessories Collection February 2016
I think this necklace is really cool! I love that it has silver, gold, and antique gold in it. That makes it really easy to wear with any pair of earrings. I think this will only look good with crew neck or high neck shirts since it comes up so high. Any styling tips on the types of shirts to wear with this would be appreciated. I'm thinking a black shirt would look best.

Lydia Drop Earrings Silver Retail Price $14.00 Wantable Price $6.22
 Wantable Accessories Collection February 2016
These earrings are really pretty! I couldn't get a great picture as the reflection made them look like two different colors. I've worn these once already and they are super light and comfortable. The only thing that sucks is one is a little warped so it doesn't lay flat on the table. I think its due to the fact that they are so light and fragile. They looks really nice in though.

Monica Necklace Coral Retail Price $21.00 Wantable Price $17.33
 Wantable Accessories Collection February 2016
I asked for a long silver necklace but was hoping that they would send me one that was all silver or more neutral. I already have a long gold necklace that has a coral tassle pendent on the end. I wanted something that I could wear with alot of different outfits and this pendant kind of hinders that. This necklace is just ok.

Here is a picture of me wearing the Lydia Drop Earrings and Monica Coral Necklace
 Wantable Accessories Collection February 2016
The total value of this collection was $90.00. The Wantable price was $36.00.

Overall, this box wasn't my favorite but not the worst either. My favorite piece is the Aveline Necklace and I really liked the Lydia Drop Earrings too. I know I will wear the Monica Coral Necklace I just wish it was a different color. It stinks that I lost the ring but that isn't Wantable's fault. I still think this is a great service and worth the $36.00 that I paid for the collection. I am going to skip March and maybe April since I just ordered a couple things from BaubleBar.

Are you interested in signing up for a Wantable Makeup, Accessories,Intimates, Style Edit, or Fitness Edit Collection? Click my referral link HERE.

What do you think of my June Accessories Collection? What item interests you the most? Post your comments below!

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