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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tag: Spring Fling Tag

Hey Guys,
I was recently asked to do the Spring Fling Tag! Thanks to Lily from Beauty with Lily for tagging me!

Check out my video below to hear my Spring favorites!

Spring Fling Questions 
1. What eye palette do you/will you use most this spring? 
2. What blush in your collection is a spring must-have? What about lipstick?
3. What nail polishes do you love to wear in the Spring?
4. What is your signature spring scent?
5. What is on your spring break agenda?
6. What trends are you looking forward to the most? Fashion, Makeup, Nail Polish, etc.
7. Do you have a spring skincare must-have?
8. What is spring like where you live?
9. Florals: gotta have em or make them stop? 
10. Favorite thing/activity to do in the spring?

I tag everyone to do this!

What are favorites for Spring? Post your comments below!

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