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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Review: BH Cosmetics Gold Rush Palette

Hey Guys,
Today I am going to share my thoughts on the BH Cosmetics Gold Rush Palette. Colin got me this palette for Christmas. I have been testing it out ever since. I haven't tried any BH Cosmetics palettes prior to the items that he got me but I have always wanted to. They are known for their super affordable pricing and their cute brush sets. They are probably most known for the  collab that they did with Carli Bybel. During the holidays, they had tons of sales which made the prices even lower. I believe they are also cruelty free. Keep reading to hear my thoughts on this palette!

BH Cosmetics Gold Rush Eye & Cheek Palette $12.50
BH Cosmetics Gold Rush Palette
This palette isn't showing up on their site anymore. I'm not sure if it is out of stock or if it is discontinued. It comes with 12 eye shadows and 3 face products. It is made of a heavy cardboard and has a decent sized mirror on the inside.
BH Cosmetics Gold Rush Palette
There are 5 mattes and 7 shimmers. It also includes 1 highlighter, 1 blush, and 1 bronzer. All three face products have a shimmer to them.

BH Cosmetics Gold Rush Palette

Here are swatches of the shadows:
BH Cosmetics Gold Rush Palette
 L-R: Champagne (shimmer), Light Yellow (matte), Gold (shimmer), Tan (matte), Light Orange (matte), Olive (shimmer)
BH Cosmetics Gold Rush Palette
 L-R:  Bone/Cream (matte), Peachy Pink (shimmer), Dark Brown (shimmer), Bronzey Red (shimmer), Light Brown (matte/satin), Medium Brown (matte/satin)

Here are swatches of the face products:
BH Cosmetics Gold Rush Palette
L-R: Pinkish Highlighter, Peach Blush, Shimmery Bronzer

Here is a look that I created using this palette:
BH Cosmetics Gold Rush Palette

BH Cosmetics Gold Rush Palette

BH Cosmetics Gold Rush Palette

Brow: Row 1 Column 2 & Row 2 Column 1
Transition: Row 1 Column 4 & 5
Crease: Row 2 Column 4
Lid: Row 1 Column 1
Inner Corner: Row 1 Column 1
Outer V: Row 2 Column 5
Lower Line: Row 1 Column 4 & 5 Row 2 Column 5

I also used the highlighter and blush (mixed with a reddish brown blush)

On to my thoughts:
I think this is a really great palette given the price. The shadows are better quality than many drugstore eye shadow palettes. They are creamy, pigmented, and blend really nice. I would say that the shadows are not on par with Anastasia or Too Faced palettes but they are more comparable to Morphe shadows. However, Morphe is a bit better. I think these shadows are a better quality than the Nyx and the Milani palettes that I have owned. The highlighter is decent.  I feel like the blush is a little on the light side however, it is buildable.  The brozner is really pretty but I don't love all the shimmer in it. I would probably use it as a shadow instead. From my recent experience with BH Cosmetics,  I would say that their products are a hit or miss. I was glad to see one winner from the stuff that Colin got me. I would definitely recommend this palette if someone is looking for an inexpensive warm toned palette. I hope that it comes back in stock because its totally worth the $12.50 it cost. I'm pretty sure it was half price during the holidays!

Here is the cool toned version of the palette: Silver Strike Eye and Cheek Palette $9.00

Have you tried any palettes from BH Cosmetics? What are your thoughts? Post your comments below!

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