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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Review: BoxyCharm April 2017

Hey Guys,
Today I'm going to share my thoughts on my BoxyCharm for April! For those of you unfamiliar with BoxyCharm, it is a monthly beauty subscription box. You receive 5 FULL SIZED products each month. The subscription is $21.00 a month and usually has a theme.The theme for the month of April was "Boho Glow".  Check out my video below to see what I got and my thoughts on each product! Keep reading below to check out the featured brand discount codes this month.

BoxyCharm April 2017

April BoxyCharm "Boho Glow"
BoxyCharm April 2017

BoxyCharm April 2017
A lot of people were really excited about this trio. I do think it's great that they featured it in this month's box. I am however disappointed because new subscribers got a brush set which I would have way rather recieved. I don't use makeup sponges. I'm trying to decide if I am even going to bother trying one. I know Kathleen Lights raves about these. The whole wetting and re-wetting, wasting product, dirty sponge, all of that is why sponges don't interest me. I guess well see if I decide to try one out or pass them on.

Ofra Cosmetics Highlighter in Rodeo Drive $35.00
BoxyCharm April 2017

BoxyCharm April 2017
Even though I already have a bunch of highlighters, I was happy to see this in the box. I haven't tried any Ofra highlighters and I hear they are really good. This is super soft and crazy pigmented. It looks stunning on.

BoxyCharm April 2017
I was happy to see that this was a neutral color. However, its very sheer and has almost no color pay off. It's also sticky. I will pass this on to someone that likes lip glosses.

Measurable Difference The Diamond Collection 16 Color Pro Concealer Palette $20.00
BoxyCharm April 2017
I have heard of this brand before but never purchased anything from this line. I honestly don't think this product is very practical for the average person. I'm sure its great for a makeup artist but I will never use something like this. I also heard that this was seen at T.J. Max for around $5.00. Both of these things together make this a little disappointing. I will probably pass this on to someone that might use it or sell it on Poshmark.

Project Beauty Hairgurt Smoothing Yogurt Shampoo in Strawberry Banana $10.00
BoxyCharm April 2017
This wasn't exciting to me either. I really wish this was a hair mask instead of shampoo. I use a color depositing red shampoo and don't use normal shampoos that often. I use hair masks at least once a week. That being said, it smells delicious and I am interested in how I will like it.


Here is a swatch of the Ofra Rodeo Drive highlighter and the Cargo Lipgloss in Taos:
BoxyCharm April 2017



Cargo- 20% off with code: LIPGLOSS20
Project Beauty- 30% off with code: BOXY30
Measurable Difference- 20% off with code: boxy20
PUR The Complexion Authority- 25% off with code: BOXY25
Allegory Story- 10% off with code: BOXY10

I'm sure you have all concluded that I didn't really love this box. I think that overall, its a really great box,  just not for me personally because of my makeup and hair preferences. It's still an amazing value and I really love the highlighter. The highlighter costs more than the box itself so that just goes to show you the value. I'm excited for next month's box because we got some sneak peaks and we are getting a Crow Brush saddle brush and a contour palette! One thing that I really wish BoxyCharm would stop doing is giving people two variations of a brand. For example the PUR Sponges vs PUR Brushes this month and the Crown Brush Cream Contour vs Powder Contour next month. I feel like I would be less upset if other people didn't get what I wanted haha! Or they should at least let us pick which option we want!

Interested in signing up or learning more about BoxyCharm? Click HERE

What did you think about the products that I recieved in each of the boxes? Post your comments below!

*This post contains some affiliate links which I could be compensated for.

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