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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Get the Look for Less: Mandy Moore Edgy Plaid

Hey Guys,
Today I am bringing back an oldie but goodie. For those of you that have been following Leopard Lace and Cheesecake from the very beginning remember my "Get the Look for Less" posts. I would find pictures of celebrities and try to recreate their outfits at affordable stores. I would link all similar items below the pictures. I stopped doing these posts because they were VERY time consuming. 

I have been adding more fashion back into my blog and decided to bring it back! I will only post one look per post instead of 3-5 like I used to do. I may end up changing it but for now that's what I'm going to do. Another thing I will do differently is I will add a shopping bar below the picture instead of adding a bunch of pictures of items. That way, I can find more than one option, and not have a TON of pictures in the post. 

In these type of posts, I most likely will not be able to find the EXACT outfits but rather take inspiration from the outfits. I will keep the items more on the affordable side unless I can find something almost exact. Then I will include more expensive options as well. I like to share affordable items with my readers that more people have access to so there will always be those pieces listed. If you guys have a specific celebrity style, picture of an outfit, or celebrity in general you want me to recreate; feel free to let me know in the comments or send me an email with the picture! I would love your input, ideas, and requests, etc!

For this post, I decided to recreate the below outfit worn by Mandy Moore. She was one of my pop idols growing up back when she a singer. It has been so cool to see her on the show This Is Us! I absolutely love the show and think she is phenomenal in it. I thought the outfit below was pretty unique and decided to give it a try. I would never think to mix this long plaid dress with a leather jacket but it works! Check out the shop bar below to see what I came out up!  
Get the Look for Less: Mandy Moore Edgy Plaid

Edgy Plaid

Edgy Plaid by tanyal527 

What do you think of this outfit? How about the series? Is there anything specific you would like to see? Do you like the new or old format better? Post your comments below!

*Image of Mandy Moore taken from People.com
*This post contains some affiliate links which I could be compensated for.

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