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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Makeup Tutorial: Olive and Brown Shades

Hi Girls, 
Here is a look that I have done recently. It is not super hard but the key to all multi shadow looks is BLENDING BLENDING BLENDING. When you are initially creating a look and you are adding different colors to eyelid, you look like you have never applied makeup in your life. So when you are trying out looks do not give up if you think it looks silly. Once you start blending the colors, that is when the look starts to come together.

The colors that I used to achieve this look are M.A.C. Sumptous Olive, M.A.C. Ricepaper, M.A.C. Texture, and M.A.C. Tempting . If you don't have these colors they are basically a pearl olive green/kakhi, a peachy gold with shimmer, a pearly peachy brown with shimmer, and a rich cocoa (shimmer). I also used the Kat Von D tattoo liner in Trooper but any black liquid liner will work. Lastly, M.A.C. Zoom Lash in Zoom Black but any mascara will work.

Here are the brushes that I used:

Before starting with the color, I put on an eye shadow base that will help keep the color rich and keep the shadow on longer. I use M.A.C. paint pots in Painterly but any shadow base/primer or concealer will work. Cover your lids with the shadow base from lash line to brow.

Step 1: Take the olive colored shadow and cover the lids and a little above, tracing the natural shape of your lid to the just above the crease. 

Step 2: With the peachy brown, take a crease brush and trace the crease of your lid. Do this several times, adding more color if needed. If you want a more dramatic color on the crease you will then go in an add some of the rich cocoa shimmer color. I usually only do one or two light sweeps with this darker brown.

Step 3: With the peachy gold, use another brush and highlight your brow bone. Any type of smaller rounded shadow brush will work for this. I sometimes use a contour brush as a brow highlight brush. 

Step 4: Go in with the peachy gold and kind of highlight the inner corners of your eye and swoop up tracing the natural shape of your inner eyelid. Basically tracing the shape of your nose connecting to your brows. If that makes sense? 

Step 5: Take a small shadow liner brush and line your lower lashes with the peachy brown and a little of the cocoa brown depending on how much of the darker brown you used on the crease.

Step 6: To finish off, line your upper lash line with liquid liner. I tend to swoop out on the corners with the liner.

Lastly, use a thicker brush to blend all the different colors. For blending I use this shadow brush that has a wide flat surface. It is thick and the bristles move very easily. Light sweep along the crease where it meets the olive shadow.  Do the same where your  crease color meets your brow color.

Here is the completed look.

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