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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Product Review: Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette

Hey Girls,
I decided to do a review on the Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette.

$36.00 at Sephora

To start off, the packaging is a little different than the normal Too Faced Palettes. Instead of the hard cardboard/paper box, it is in a tin. It doesn't really make that big of a difference but I just figured I would note that.

Like many of the Too Faced Palettes, they come with "look" cards that show you different looks you can create with the colors in the palette.  I have always liked that about the Too Faced palettes. I don't usually use all the look cards but get ideas from each of them. I sometimes re-create part of the look. Most of the time I end up using  2 or 3 colors from the palette all the time.

Here are the look cards for this palette:

Here is my version of look#3: I do not like a lot of black shadow so I skipped out on adding black to the lid and outer crease. I just lined with black liquid liner.

 The colors I tend to use the most are In the Buff (matte white/off white), Sugar Walls (pinkish beige with sparkle), Birthday Suit (shimmer beige), and Lap Dance (shimmer medium purple). I tend to use Birthday Suit a lot as a base and In the Buff on the brow bone as a highlight. I usually use Sugar Walls on the lid and Lap Dance either on the lid and crease or just on the crease.

Overall the colors stay on very well and are very pigmented as are most Too Faced eye shadows. Sometimes the shimmers crease on my lids but it doesn't happen all the time. It also depends on the person.

One thing I do not like about Too Faced Palettes is they often repeat some of the same colors in their palettes. For example, I got a palette at Christmas and it had one or two of the same shades in this palette as well. The same goes for their Natural Nude palette.

However, when it comes to whether or not I would recommend this palette, the answer is yes. It is worth the $36.00 that it costs. I use at least one or two colors weekly. If I didn't have a million eye shadows I would probably use it even more. The colors are good for both smokey looks as well as natural looks. It all depends on how you apply it and which colors from the palette you choose.

If you have this palette I would love you to post your thoughts on it below. Also, I would love to see some pics of looks you have created with this color scheme!

xoxo Tanya

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