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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

E.L.F. Cosmetics-Super Affordable Makeup

I'm sure many of you have heard of e.l.f. Cosmetics before but if you haven't  e.l.f. stands for eyes, lips, face. This cosmetics line can be found on their website eyeslipsface.com as well as at Target. While I don't consider the line high end, it is very affordable and worth checking out. There are some eye shadows that are very pigmented but there are also some shadows that aren't so good. The items are so inexpensive (most items between $1.00-$5.00 each) that buying a handful of stuff just to try out wouldn't hurt your pocket.

They constantly have special offers so make sure you sign up for their emails. A recent offer was spend $25.00 (which can get you A LOT of things) and get a free gift with offer code "xxx". The free gifts often come with a variety of their products such as liners, mascaras, primers, shadows. It is a good way to try out a bunch of their products. They also have a new subscription offer where you pay a certain price and get a bunch of items shipped to you monthly, every couple of months, twice a year, etc. I have not tried it but they are definitely following the trend of subscriptions.

Today's e.l.f.'s promo is 50% off Halloween Treats Category (on their website).  Use code TREATS during checkout on orders of $20.00 or more. Offer good until 10/7

One thing that I feel stands out in their offerings are their studio makeup brushes. Now coming from someone that has spent a lot of money on professional brushes from MAC, Clinique, and Lancome, I can tell you that they work just as well. They may not last as long but they are just as soft and create the same look. I have Lancome and MAC brushes that I have had for 3-7 years and I still use them but they were easily $20.00 a brush. The e.l.f. makeup brushes cost $3-$6.00 each and last a good 6 months to a year. That estimate is just my personal experience. I am not very good at keeping up with cleaning my brushes which is why I like the e.l.f. brushes. Buying a new brush for $3.00 when it breaks/ falls apart is easier for me than to constantly wash them which is the recommended care for makeup brushes. I have too many brushes that I use on a daily basis to do this weekly or monthly. The e.l.f. brushes could last longer if you follow the care instructions (which I do not).

Here are some of my favorite brushes:

e.l.f. Studio Powder Brush $3.00

This gives great coverage for loose powder foundations.

e.l.f Studio Blush Brush $3.00

I use this with mineral veil powder but is primarily for blush.

e.l.f. Studio Eyeshadow "C" Brush $3.00

I use this to put on a base shadow all over my lid.

 Here are some other items that I have tried and stand out above the rest:

This doesn't work quite as well as my Kat Von D liner from Sephora but I like it better than other liquid liners I have tried. The felt tip makes for better precision.

e.l.f. Studio HD Lifting Concealer $3.00

This works well on under eye circles. It doesn't make them completely disappear but the yellow tone helps cover the bluish tint of under eye circles.

This coverage says maximum but I would call it medium coverage. It would not cover a tattoo or anything but does cover most blemishes and pimples.

e.l.f. Essential Shimmering Facial Whip $1.00

I use this on my cheeks. I have also used it down the bridge of my nose and on my cheek bones as a luminizer. A more neutral color would work better for highlighting.

This mascara isn't my favorite but I do like how it gets the tiny little lashes on the inside and outside corners of your eyes. It gives a more wide eyed look.

This gloss can be used by itself or on top of a lip gloss. It gives the look of fuller lips without the sting of plumpers.

e.l.f. Studio Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths $3.00

I love these cleansing cloths. They are very inexpensive and do a good job of taking off makeup and other impurities. You still need to wash your face after though.

Have you tried e.l.f. cosmetics and recommend one of their products? Post your comments below!


  1. I love this post. I will be checking out some of these items. Thank you!!

  2. No problem! You are my very first comment! lol Make sure you sign up for the emails because their special gifts are awesome.


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