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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Review: Too Faced Natural at Night

Hi Ladies! 

I feel like all I have been doing is reviews lately but I just have so many great products to talk about! Below is the Too Faced Natural at Night Palette. I have wanted this for a while and got it for Christmas. The packing of this is very similar to some of their other palettes such as the Natural Eye and the Smokey Eye. This too has 3 "look" cards that tell you which colors to use to create a look.

I originally saw this on the Sephora site and fell in love with it. The color that really stood out to me was Moon Stone. It is an olive green shimmer shadow that has a golden tone to it. I am very much a neutral shadow girl. I tend to gravitate towards browns but LOVE green shadow. What I liked about this palette is it has 3 neutral but separate tones. The first top 3 colors are more of a warm brown tones, the second 3 are browns that have more of a pink tone to them, the bottom 3 have green and gold tones to them. I also have the Natural Eye Palette which has more brown and peachy colors in it. This palette is a little more dramatic but sticks to the "Natural" color theme.  The only negative things I would say about this is that there is a little bit too much glitter and shimmer in the shadows for  my liking. I wish there were a few more mattes in the palette. There are only two.  I feel like I will have to use other shadows to really create a complete look. I would recommend this palette if you love the brand Too Face and/or love neutral & earthy tones. I would say to go in an swatch these first to see if you like the glitter/shimmer or not.  If you aren't crazy about shimmer, this is not the palette for you.

Here is the "Night" look that I created with this palette:

Here is the "Classic" look that I created with this palette:

Here is the "Fashion" look that I created with this palette:

Do you have this palette? What are your thoughts on it? What is your favorite look from above? Post your comments below!

-Tanya xoxo

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