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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Review: Nyx Eye Shadow Palettes and The Curve Eyeliner

Hi Ladies!
Today I am going to review 4 Nyx Palettes and two Nyx Eyeliners.

First up, Nyx's The Curve Liner

I was really intrigued by the shape of this liner. I thought it was cool but thought it would be a little funky to hold. I was surprised when it was pretty comfortable and easy to use.On the box it says that the shape of the liner helps you create a more even straight line. I have used 4 different felt tip/liquid liners recently including this one and I like this the best. My main black liner is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. I was using it for about 2 years but when my second liner had the bristles start to stick out and mess up my line, I decided to try another brand. I didn't love the e.l.f. Studio Precision Liquid Eyeliner. Although I loved the price, I didn't like how thin and flimsy the tip was and thought that the liner itself was a little watery. I did however like the e.l.f. Essential Waterproof Eyeliner Pen. It was a felt tip and easier to use. The problem with that liner was that the felt tip wore down quickly and the color wasn't as rich and black since the tip wore down. It was also harder to use to wing the corners since the tip was thicker.

This felt tip liner works great.  I had no problem using this and do actually agree that it helps get a straighter line. The black is a rich dark black and the tip is flimsy enough to easily glide along your lash lines but stiff enough not to make a mess when doing so. *After using this eyeliner for a month or so, I have notice that the color on this too wears down a little. For example, when putting it on, its no longer as dark as it first was. Partly due to the shadow that has transferred onto the tip of the liner. I now use this paired with Nyx's Super Fat Eye Maker. I use The Curve Liner to get the thin line and wing that I want then I go back in with the eye maker to make it darker. I would recommend this product because I think it is unique and helps you get a straight line. However, its not as rich black as it used to be after using it several times a week this past month. The Curve Liner is $15.00 so it is a little on the more expensive side.You can now get Nyx products at Target. Nxy is also available at Ulta and online at nyxcosmetics.com. I recently started using my Kat Von D Tattoo liner again and I still like this more. I just need to get a new one because of the messed up bristles.

Nyx Super Fat Eye Marker:

Since I mentioned this eye marker above I might as well review this as well. This looks very much like a sharpie marker and is very rich in color. The tip is a little fat so if you are looking for a thinner line, this is not the liner to use. As I mentioned above, I use The Curve Liner to get the line and wing that I want. Next, I lightly go over the line with this to get it darker. I used this liner to do my whole eye and the wing was just too thick for my liking. If you like bold liner then this is the right product for you.

On to the eye shadows:

Love In Rio-Amazonian Babes

I found this palette to be the most pigmented of the 4. I thought the colors were pretty but would have liked the darker two browns more without the glitter in them.

Here is a look that I created with it:

Love In Rio-Life is a Cha Cha

 I thought the pigmentation was decent but the medium toned shadow went on a little patchy. I like that there isn't much glitter in these. This actually stay on pretty well without major creasing which surprised me.

Here is the look that I created with it:

Love in Florence-Bellini Kiss

I was disappointed in this palette. As you see, the first two are very glittery. It took be several swatches to get the colors that dark. The shadows aren't very pigmented even with a shadow base. May I should try to use them wet?

Love in Paris-Madeleines and Macaroons

This palette wasn't as pigmented as I was hoping but it is still better than the Bellini Kiss. As you see in the picture above, some colors show up better than others. I really like the matte colors the best. Especially the darker pink, the espresso color, and the peachy color. I have created one look using a few of these and thought it looked good. I would not compare these to UD or Too Faced shadows.

Here is a natural look that I created with the gold, white, and pink colors above. 

So, overall I would recommend the two Love in Rio palettes and the Love in Paris palette because I think they are worth the price (I believe the smaller ones are $6.00 and the larger one $10.00). I would not recommend the Love in Florence Palette.  I would not compare the quality of any of these palettes to any higher end brands. I haven't tried any of Nyx's single shadows so I am interested to try those. I have seen swatches and they do look more pigmented.

Have you tried any other Nyx eye shadows and/or palettes that you recommend (or don't recommend)? Post your comments below!

-Tanya xoxo

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