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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Review:Stitch Fix-Fix #6

Hi Ladies!
I'm back with another review of Stitch Fix! This is my 6th Fix and one of my favorites to date. For those of you unfamiliar with Stitch Fix, it is a personal styling service that you can sign up for monthly or whenever you feel like treating yourself to some new clothes/accessories. You fill out a lengthy profile to help the stylist understand your, shape, style, likes and dislikes. You can learn more about Stitch Fix and check out my previous fixes on my Subscriptions Page.

On to the goodies!

In my last fix I asked Jenni (my stylist) to send me items that would transition me into the Spring. I also asked her to try to do her best to stay in my price range for each item (under $50.00). Jenni did an AMAZING job at sending me items that reminded me of the Spring. I recently did a post on Spring Fashion Trends and each one of these items fit into one of the categories that I talked about. It took everything in me not to purchase this whole box. The only reason why I didn't buy the whole box is because I am getting another fix next month! It will be my last fix before I give my pocket a break.

Here are the items that I recieved:

I really loved the mint lace on this shirt. It fit very well and was perfect for spring. The only reason I decided to send it back was because it was a little pricey.

I also really liked this top. Especially the fabric and floral pattern. If it was warmer I may have kept it. I decided to return this too because it too was a little expensive for me since it is a sleeveless top.

This top really stood out to me. Even though the front is cotton, the back of the shirt is a silky material. I love the mixed materials and patterns. The floral pocket on the front is really cute and the whole shirt screams Spring to me. I decided to keep this shirt. Even though $44.00 is a little bit more than I would normally spend on a tee shirt, it is unique and that was my reason for purchasing it.

When I pulled this blouse out of the box, I wasn't wowed by it. However, when I put it on, I thought it was really cute. The neckline is unique and I like that I could wear this to work with a pair of dress pants or make it more casual with a pair of jeans. I really thought that $28.00 was a reasonable price for this blouse. I decided to keep it because I could see myself wearing it on many different occasions.

When I pulled this jacket out I was pleasantly surprised! It was very unique which is what I love about this service. I have't seen any jackets like this anywhere. I didn't ask for a jacket but my stylist knows me too well! I love tribal print and the biker jacket side zipper gives it a little edge. The light colors make it a great look for spring. The sleeves are a super soft suede material and the torso of the jacket is a woven material. I will probably wear this more as a top (than a jacket) with a tank underneath. I thought that $48.00 was a great price for this jacket since it feels like a great quality item. The only thing that I will note that was weird is that the sleeves were a little short on my wrist. This has happened a couple times with items I have purchased. Not just through Stitch Fix. I loved this jacket so much that I decided I would just push up the sleeves and wear it 3/4 length.

Overall, I was REALLY happy with this Fix. Although some of the prices were a little high (for my liking), they were still in the under $50.00 price range. Stitch Fix carries boutique items so it is unlikely that you will get a top for $14.99. The most inexpensive item that I have recieved is $28.00. I understand that my stylist can only do so much to get me items that fit both my style and price range. I applaud her for the items she has found for me thus far. My friend decided to sign up for Stitch Fix and because she did it through my referral link, I got a $25.00 credit! The two tops and jacket that I decided to keep totaled up to $120.00. When subtracting the $25.00 referral credit and the $20.00 styling fee that I already paid, my total came to $75.00. In all, I paid $95.00 for the three items ($75.00 plus $20.00 styling fee). 

I really can't wait to share my next fix with you!

Interested in signing up or learning more about Stitch Fix? Click my referral link HERE

What are your favorite items from above? Post your comments below!

-Tanya xoxo

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