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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Motives Cosmetics

Hi Ladies,
Before I begin this post, I want to warn you that it is VERY picture heavy. That being said, I think you should keep reading so you can see all of the great Motives Cosmetics products that I got to play with! For those of you unfamiliar with Motives Cosmetics, it is a cosmetic line created by Loren Ridinger. You can purchase their products though Motives Beauty Advisors who sell direct to their customers. Motives can be purchased through reps online, through print (magazines), and at Beauty Trunk Shows.

I personally reached out to Motives to learn more about the company as I was interested in possibly becoming a beauty advisor to make some extra cash on the side. I worked in the beauty industry once and did enjoy it, but hated the hours. Before making a decision on what I wanted to do, I met with Kacie Corbelle (a local Motives Beauty Advisor) so that I could test out the products and discuss the company some more. Kacie is a makeup artist and hair stylist that works in both Boston and New York. She does makeup for print ads, commercials, and fashion shows. She recently had the opportunity to work with Gisele Bundchen! You can check out her work HERE.

Now on to the reason for this post. I wanted to share with you all of the products that I got to check out. Kacie had about 80% of the line with her.  As you can see, she brought a TON of stuff. I was in HEAVEN!

I believe this is the whole line of  Motives Pressed Eyeshadows.

Here are some shimmery shadows that I decided to swatch:
 with flash
 without flash

Colors left to right:
Fantasy-lilac/bright purple
Green Apple-light green
Chic-Bronze with green undertones
Hazelnut-reddish brown
Pacific Sea-blue/green
Plum Frost-deep plum
Vintage Glam-gold

Here are some matte eyeshadows that I decided to swatch:
 with flash
without flash

Colors left to right:
Cappuccino-soft brown
Vino-deep dark brown

Here is one of the Motives for LaLa Palettes:

Here are the swatches with the flash:

Here are some swatches of Motives Paint Pot Mineral Eyeshadows:

Colors left to right:
She Sparkles-gold
If You Dare-pink

Here are some terribly blurry swatches of some Motives Kohl Eyeliners

Colors left to right:
Electric blue-blue

Here are some swatches of some of the Motives Pressed Blushes and Mineral Blush
without flash
with flash

Colors left to right:
Pretty in Pink-baby doll pink
So Peachy-peach

Motives Mineral Lipstick Swatches

Colors left to right:
Times Square-hot pink
Red Carpet-red

Motives LaLa Mineral Lip Shine

Colors left to right:
Adore Me-nude pink
Trend Setter-peach
Bella-brown plum

 Motives Lip Crayon Swatches

Colors left to right:
Coral Kiss-coral
Cotton Candy-pink (looks magenta above)
Neutral-pink nude

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with this line. Every product that I swatched was super creamy, extremely pigmented, and of great quality. Motives pricing is around the same as MAC's. I would consider this mid-range. Higher than drug store makeup but lower than high end makeup such as Dior, Nars, MUFE etc. Besides the great quality of the products, another thing that I love about the line is that is is cruelty free and hypoallergenic.

I'm actually having a Motives Trunk Show (party) tonight. When you have a trunk show, all the party attendees get a 10% discount on their purchases the night of the party. I asked Kacie if I could extend this offer to my readers and she agreed!

If you are interested in checking out Kacie's Motives shop site, you can click HERE.

To get the 10% Discount, log into Kacie's Motives shop site above and use the discount code "10OFFMA" at checkout.

This code can only be used for purchases made through Kacie's Motives shop site above. Kacie was nice enough to extend the discount code throughout the weekend until Sunday July 13th at 8:00 pm (EST).

Have you ever tried Motives products before? What are your favorite products from above? Post your comments below!

-Tanya xoxo

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