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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Fashion Trends

Hi Ladies!
Fall is here! Even though I don't like the shorter days, I love Fall and everything that comes with it. One of my favorite things is Fall fashion! 

Here are some of my favorite trends of the season:

Combat Boots

I personally own about 3 or 4 pairs of combat boots. I think that they look really cute with chambray tops and leggings. I also like pairing combat boots with plaid shirts and jeans. Even though I do consider myself a "girly girl" I still have always loved military inspired clothes and shoes.

Chambray and Plaid Button Ups

When I think of the fall season, I think of cozy plaid shirts and chambray button ups. I wore chambray all through the winter last year and plan to continue to do so this season. I have so plaid button ups that I have had for years that I LOVE. I recently purchased some that are a little more dressy for work.


I have always worn black and dark leggings during the colder seasons but this year, I decided to try out printed leggings. I feel like leggings are so comfortable but are also cute and fashionable.  I purchased a cute pair of floral leggings that I can't wait to wear. I plan to buy more cute prints soon!

Boot Cuffs

I saw this trend a lot last year and thought it was really cute. Boot cuffs give the appearance of thick knitted socks without actually having to stuff them down into a pair of boots. I definitely plain to purchase a couple pairs of these this season!

*Please take the time to check out the Salem Style etsy page! The owner, Lianna is a fellow Boston Blogger from Salem, MA that crochets all of the items on her shop site! She makes everything from boot cuffs, to scarves, turban headbands, and tote bags!


I am very picky about sweaters but when I find one that fits me right, I am in LOVE! Oversized sweaters look adorable with leggings and knee high boots. I can't wait until its cool enough to pull out my sweaters from last year and the ones I just purchased.

Military Inspired Jackets

I LOVE LOVE LOVE military inspired jackets and blazers. I think that are so edgy and fashionable. My favorite jackets are ones that are embellished with studs or brass zippers and are "army green". 

What are your favorite Fall fashion trends? Post your comments below!

-Tanya xoxo

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