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Monday, October 13, 2014

Review: Memebox Superbox #45*

Hi Ladies!
I'm super excited to share with you my very first Memebox! For those of you unfamiliar with Memebox, it is Korea's #1 Beauty Subscription Box. Memebox (pronounced "mi-mi box") is named after a Korean doll that is the beauty idol of many young girls in Korea. They decided to spell it Me-me to emphasize that beauty is about oneself or "me". The great thing about Memebox is that you are not forced into signing up and paying for a monthly subscription. You can get them as often or as spaced out as you want. On the Memebox site, they have all of their available boxes and upcoming boxes (and there are a TON) up for grabs! The boxes range in price from $19.00-$32.00 a box plus shipping. You can also order bundle boxes which are two boxes at a discounted price. They have sales on some of their boxes and often have discount or $ off codes.
Memebox carries 4 main types of beauty boxes: Memebox, Memebox Special Editions, Superbox and Luckybox.

Here is what is said about each:

The original Memebox comes packed with 4 - 8 full-size products and deluxe samples. Boxes in each Memebox series always contain the same products, and contents vary from hair and body products, to skin-care and makeup products.

Memebox Special Edition:
Memebox special edition comes packaged with 4-8 full-size products and deluxe samples under its own theme. Memebox special edition is designed to meet various concerns, beauty trends, and also seasonal needs.

Superbox was inspired by our Memebox lovers, looking for full-sized products catered to specific needs. Each Superbox series comes with its own theme, designed to target particular concerns, or collaboration with our favorite brands!

We created Luckybox to give everyone a different and unique box full of our favorite products for you to feel like the luckiest person in the world! Every Luckybox is unique and is filled with 4 - 8 full sized products and deluxe samples carefully curated from Korea to give you the best experience and widest exposure to a range of products!"

Lets move on to the box that I recieved: Memebox Superbox #45
This box had 6 full sized beauty products.

Here is the informational card that the box came with:

Makeup Helper Pact in Twinkle Crystal $23.00
Here is what is said about this product:
"Makeup Helper’s long-lasting, super-sheer powder sets and perfects color to create a smooth, flawless finish. Infused with white flower complex and green tea extracts for the most comfortable wear, it is great for daily use. In a sleek compact, this powder compact is elegant and easy to carry with you throughout the day."

This is a makeup setting powder. The packaging of this powder is so pretty. Even the box is beautiful. This powder comes in 8 different shades. The shade that I got was natural pink. I'm not sure if this is going to work with my skin tone. I have a neutral undertone and a lot of the colors that I wear have "beige" in the name. I think one of the beige shades probably would have been better for me. That being said, since it is only a setting powder, the color might not make a huge difference. I know you can't tell from the pictures but this compact is huge! It also comes with a nice mirror and makeup puff. It does have a floral/powdery scent which I am indifferent to.

Pure Skin Lemon Blueberry  Rejuvenating Overnight Mask $46.00
I was really happy to see this in my box. It is a mask that apply to your face before bed. The mask creates a barrier on your skin to lock in moisture and delivering nutrients to your skin. This mask contains lemon water, blueberry and broccoli extracts. It smells really nice and is a thick texture. This jar is huge! It is going to take quite a while to use all of this up. I can't wait to use this!

Hope Girl Travel Bling Bling Set $14
This is a cute little nail set. It tells you to put color #1 on first, next layer #2 half way up your nails, finish with #3 on the ends. You could obviously use all of these separately as well. I'm not a huge fan of nail polish but I like these colors  and will definitely give them a try.

Shara Shara Tinted Style Lip Gloss in Peach Coral $11.00
Below the stain left behind after swatching the gloss and wiping it off less than a minute later.
I was happy to see a lip product in this box! This is more of a lip tint than a gloss. While it is glossy, even when I wiped it off it left a tint on my lips. It is a very subtle coral color and applies buttery not sticky. It has a scent to it which I can't quite pinpoint...it smells kind of fruity like cantaloupe? but also a little chemical scent as well. The scent didn't bother me but might bother some people. I would throw this in my purse and use it at work when my lip product wears off throughout the day.

Blithe Patting Water Pack in Rejuvenating Purple Berry $46.00
This was the most interesting and unique item in the box. I have never used or heard of anything like this before. It comes in 3 different types, Rejuvenating Purple Berry, Energy Yellow Citrus and Honey, and Soothing and Healing Green Tea.

Here is what is said about it on the Memebox site:

"What is a Patting Water Pack? 
Blithe’s Patting Water Pack is an innovative way to shorten the tedious process that comes with applying facial masks. No longer are you required to slap a mask onto your face and wait around for 20 minutes for all the nutrients to soak into your skin! Double the effects and halve the time just by patting this miracle-in-a-bottle onto your skin.
WHAT IT DOESBlithe’s Patting Water Pack improves the skin’s condition by replenishing the skin’s lost moisture and delivers vital water soluble vitamins and minerals deep into the skin. It also provides a mild and gentle exfoliation, allowing for a faster skin cell regeneration and healthier looking skin.
Rejuvenating Purple BerrySuitable for all skin types, the Rejuvenating Purple Berry Patting Water Pack contains 5 different berry extracts that improve the skin’s elasticity and texture. Polyphenol and anthocyanin in the formula firms aging skin, for the look of brighter, younger-looking skin. Plus, it smells delish!"

You basically pour a cap full of the product into a bowl of water filled 1/4 of the way. Once you mix the ingredients together, you apply the product to your face and lightly pat it into your skin. Kind of like when you are washing your face except you don't wipe off the product. This is very interesting and I am looking forward to seeing how I like it.

Pure Skin Ice Cooling and Soothing Patch 5 Pack $18.00
These are basically patches you apply  to sooth sunburned skin. They contain ingredients such as water lily extracts, menthol, and glacier water to give the skin a cooling effect. Tea Tree Extract and Aloe Vera help to soothe the skin deep down. You are supposed to apply these for 20-30 minutes and then pat in the excess product. I won't be using these products anytime soon since the weather is getting cooler around here. I am interested in seeing how these work once I actually have a sunburn.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with my first Memebox. This box costs $32.00 plus shipping. The total of the products came to $158.00. This is a great value! They are all full sized products which I love. I think it is really cool to have the opportunity to try out beauty products from other countries. Korea is known for their amazing skincare so I look forward to trying everything out. 

I really love that Memebox doesn't tie you into a monthly subscription and that their boxes range in price, theme, and contents. I would love to try an exclusively makebox!

Memebox ships international to the U.S. as well as 45 other countries!

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Memebox has a giveway going on from 10/13/14-10/20/14

I will pick 3 winners from my post on 10/20 and give Memebox the names by 10/22. Memebox will contact the winners and send them their rewards within 48 hours.

Everyone that enters wins something!

  • One first place winner will receive thirty meme points (equivalent to one $23 box + shipping).
  • Two runner up's will receive seven meme points each (equivalent to the price of standard shipping). 
  • All signups will receive three meme points to spend on future purchases (and if they happen to win, they will keep the three points in addition to the prize points!).
Memebox Giveaway Requirements:
  • Participants MUST sign up for an account with Memebox and include complete shipping details. The direct link to the signup page is http://us.memebox.com/customer/account/create/
  • The participants must also sign up for the Memebox newsletter.
  • Duplicate accounts are not permitted. We reserve the right to reject any participant that had an account with Memebox prior to the giveaway (we have other events and chances to win points for our current loyal customers!).
  • Please continue to the Rafflecopter below to enter this giveaway!
*This is a sponsored post. I was sent this product for review purposes. However, the thoughts and opinions in this post are my own. I am always 100% honest in my reviews for all products discussed on my blog.

Have you tried Memebox? Have you tried any Korean beauty products? Post your comments  below!

-Tanya xoxo

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