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Monday, November 20, 2017

Review: Pinkie Swear Clip Paints

Hey Guys,
Today I'm going to share my thoughts on a new beauty brand, Pinkie Swear Cosmetics! Prior to going to Gen Beauty NYC I had never heard of this brand. At Julia Salvia's Gen Beauty dinner I had the pleasure of meeting the Pinkie Swear team and learning about the brand. Their first beauty products are called Clip Paints. We recieved a gift bag at Julia's dinner and these Clip Paints were included! Keep reading to hear more about Pinkie Swear and their Clip Paints!
Pinkie Swear Clip Paints
Here is a little info about Pinkie Swear taken directly off their site:
"Pinkie Swear is makeup collective for dreamers, magic makers, and misfits. Our products are based on style, not skin tones, so you can pick colors based on what’s real, not what’s “right.”
Pinkie Swear Clip Paints
Created by a team of working LA artists, and totally made in the USA, Pinkie Swear vows that just like our favorite art supplies, our colors are high quality and high impact, and ready to turn your makeup into a masterpiece. Join us for beauty that’s as cool as you are. We swear."

Clip Paint $18.00
Pinkie Swear Clip Paints
Here is what is said about this product on the site:
"Clip Paint is a superstar lip pigment with high-impact color and tons of moisture. Built with a precision brush, you can apply it fast and still look flawless. And you can trust its lasting formula will hold through the after-party.
PS: Clip it to anything—your bag, your denim jacket, or your notebook— so it’ll always be there for you."
Pinkie Swear Clip Paints

Pinkie Swear Clip Paints
Clip Paints can be purchased separately or in a box set. They currently include 10 shades ranging from peachy nudes to lilac purples. These lip paints are super pigmented and creamy. 

Clip Paint Deluxe Set Cereal Box $100.00

Pinkie Swear Clip Paints
"Collect them all — plus a little bit extra. The Pinkie Swear cereal box comes power-packed with the six original Clip Paint colors, a custom-designed sticker sheet by a local LA artist, and the official Pinkie Swear notebook used by members of our makeup collective. Our cereal box is foiled silver in honor of Andy Warhol's studio walls, and it's a work of art on its own."

The colors included in this set are:

Send Nudes-peachy nude
Fire Escape- classic red
Plan B-raspberry
Loft Party-light purple
About Last Night-bright pink

Here are some lip and arm swatches of these shades:

Pinkie Swear Clip Paints
Top Left: Send Nudes Top Right: .JPEG
Middle Left: About Last Night Middle Right: Plan B
Bottom Left: Fire Escape Bottom Right: Loft Party

Pinkie Swear Clip Paints

L-R: Send Nudes, Fire Escape, .JPEG, About Last Night, Plan B, & Loft Party

Overall, I really love this brand. It is fun, playful, and has it's own unique style. I like that these products are created by artists that don't want to be this perfect cookie cutter type brand. I really like the creativity used in naming these shades and the packaging is super cute. Their tongue in cheek humor is something I really enjoy. When it comes to the product itself, as mentioned, the formula is super creamy and insanely pigmented. If you want a crisp edge, make sure to use a lip liner as application can get a little tricky. You don't need a ton of product as a little goes a long way. I would say the Clip Paints are like a hybrid between a liquid lipstick and a lip gloss. Pinkie Swear has already come out with some new shades so keep an eye out on my Instagram for new lip and arm swatches and make sure to give @pinkieswear a follow!

Pinkie Swear Clip Paints

Have you ever heard of the brand Pinkie Swear? What do you think of their Clip Paints? Post your comments below!

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