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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Review: PUR Cosmetics Soiree Diaries Palette

Hey Guys,
I'm finally ready to share my thoughts on the PUR Soiree Diaries Palette. I got this in one of my BoxyCharm quite some time ago. Originally, this palette didn't really interest me and I was going to save it for a giveaway.A few of you mentioned that you wanted to see a review of the palette.   I decided to give it a try and boy was I happy that I did. Keep reading to hear about this palette!

PUR Cosmetics Soiree Diaries Palette
Here is what is said about this palette on the PUR site:
"The pro secret is out! Creating a flawless eye look is super simple if you have the perfect mix of neutral, copper and bronze shades handy. Now you can turn everyday and night into a soiree with this super versatile 12-piece eye shadow collection. Filled with highly pigmented and silky smooth shadows, the four versatile matte shades, four satin shades and four shimmers work flawlessly together for all skin tones. Super blendable and anything but basic, this essential palette takes the guesswork out of your eye look. Just use the colors in the vertical rows from top to bottom for highlight, definition and drama."

PUR Cosmetics Soiree Diaries Palette
As mentioned these shadows are grouped into 4 vertical color schemes. The first row is a "bronze" eye look, next is rose gold, taupe, and a dark brown look. 
PUR Cosmetics Soiree Diaries Palette

Just a few tidbits about this PUR palette:
  • PÜR products are 100% cruelty-free and they do not test on animals
  • Paraben Free
  • Vegan Product
  • Gluten Free
  • BPA Free

Here are swatches of each vertical row:
PUR Cosmetics Soiree Diaries Palette
L-R:Private Party, Splurge, Glitzy

PUR Cosmetics Soiree Diaries Palette
L-R: Socialite, Stunner, Twinkle

PUR Cosmetics Soiree Diaries Palette
L-R: Gala, Snazzy, Dazzle

PUR Cosmetics Soiree Diaries Palette
L-R: Mogul, Epic, Cosmo

On to my thoughts:
I am so glad that I decide to use this palette! It helps create four different colored smokey eyes. I don't see a difference in the formulas they call a "satin" and "matte". They all seem to be matte to me aside from the bottom row of all shimmers. While they aren't the best matte/satin formulas that I have tried, they get the job done and pair well with their shimmer counterparts. The shimmers in this palette are the show stoppers for sure! I usually apply shimmery shadows with my finger to get the best pigmentation and these apply just as pigmented with a brush. They are SO gorgeous! I also love that you can complete a full look using this palette. You have brow shades, transition and crease shades, as well as the shimmery shades for the lids. I use every single shadow in this palette which is rare for me. It's my go to palette when I'm looking for a quick and easy smokey eye. You can create both more natural smokey eyes with the bronze and rose gold shades as wells more intense ones with the taupe and dark brown shades. If you haven't figured it out by now, I really love this palette and recommend it.

Have you tried this palette? Post your comments below!

*This post contains some affiliate links which I could be compensated for.

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