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Monday, November 25, 2013

Hair Tutorial:Fishtail, Dutch, and 4 Strand Braid

Pop Sugar Beauty Braid Tutorial

Hi Ladies,
 Here is a quick tutorial video that I found on the Pop Sugar Beauty Blog that I wanted to share. It shows how to create three different types of braids: the fishtail, the dutch braid, and the 4 strand braid. I loved their video because it was simple and to the point. Check out their blog or you tube page for more beauty related videos, tips, etc.

I love braiding my hair on workdays that I just really don't feel like straightening or curling it. They are quick, cute, and you can find ways to dress them up. You may not get some of these braids on the first try but practice makes perfect. 

However, a little advice....do not try new hairstyles for the first time while you are getting ready for work in the morning. I am almost always running late when I do this and end up with a simple pony when the hairstyle doesn't come out right. Practice on the weekend or the night before.

What is your favorite of the 3 braids? Post your comment below!

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