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Monday, November 11, 2013

Hair Tutorial: Bow Updo

Here is a cute and quirky hair bow updo. It may be a little tough for people that can't french braid.

There are basically 4 steps. 

1. You start by making a french braid starting from the nape of your neck upwards. 

2. Next gather the hair into a ponytail. Once you wrap the elastic around the third or 4th time leave a bump sticking up with the remainder of our hair hanging in a ponytail.

3. Take the bump you created and part it in half. Next, take half of the hair left out and wrap it in around the middle of the separated bump and pin.

4. Lastly, take the rest of the left over hair and wrap around the base of the bow, tie the hair in a knot, and pin.

Try this out and post links to your pics below!


  1. Excellent dear Tanya.
    I ll try the same.


    1. I tried the french braid part and it didn't come out too good as I can do a dutch braid which is an inside out french braid. I did the bow though and it came out cute but not quite as good as the girl in the picture.


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