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Monday, November 18, 2013

Favorite Retail Stores

Some people may not consider me a "true" fashion blogger because I am not posting about high end designers like Versace, Carolina Herrera, D&G, etc. This is not because I don't appreciate the trends that they have created (that trickle down to the little people) but because I am interested in fashion that is obtainable to me and other people like me. These runway looks are awesome and many of the brands that I wear are inspired by these designer fashions. In this post, I am going to discuss my favorite retail stores that the average woman can shop at. There are many great brands out there but I decided to narrow it down and discuss 5.

Studded Side Slit Shaker Knit Sweater
Studded Side Slit Shaker Knit Sweater
Acid Wash Chambray Convertible Sleeve Tunic 

Express: This is my all time favorite store. From their edgy and fun yet sophisticated looks to their high quality items. Working for Express would be my dream job.  I own everything from formal dresses to casual sweaters and jeans to work blouses and dress pants. Their jewelry is also awesome. I feel like most of their clothes fit great and are very true to size. They have an impressive men's department too. Although their price tag is a little high in my opinion, you are paying for quality. Express is always having sales. If you sign up for their emails or purchase online, you get coupons in the mail each month that you can apply towards your orders. I never shop in the store without them. Also, if you sign up for their Next Rewards you get points for all of your purchases and also get rewards cards in the mail. 

Sleek Double Breasted Trench Coat
Southwestern Print Leggings
Forever21: This is another favorite store of mine. Although they don't have super high quality items, their prices are outstanding. I have purchased some not so great items that have fallen apart but I have also purchased items that have lasted me for years. For example, I have two wool coats that I have purchased from them for about $40.00 each. I purchased these 3 winters ago and they still haven't fallen apart. Forever21 is so on top of current fashion trends. I use this site a lot when posting  "Get the Look for Less" because they usually always have something similar to what I am looking for. They have an insane amount of inventory and they are always getting new stock. I feel like this store can cater to any woman and they have something for everyone. They also have a men's department like Express but also carry kid's and plus sizes as well. Not every store may carry each line but they have everything on their website.
H&M: I have come to really like this store over the past 6 months. Like its name this store is sometimes a hit or miss. They have really great fashion forward items that are really affordable however sometimes I just feel like they don't fit right. I am still willing to give them a chance because for one, it could just be how I am shaped, and two, I found some great pieces this summer and fall. One of which being a great skater dress for $12.95! You can't beat that. I am looking forward to checking out their new items that they put out around the holidays.
Flat Mid Calf Slouch Boot
Studded Side Buckle Heel Boot
Charlotte Russe: I was never a big fan of this store until my sister started working here. She would come home with really cute outfits so it made me decide to give them a chance. This is another really affordable store with really cute clothes. Some items are too "clubby" for me but they do have some great dresses and blouses. What stands out to me though is their shoe offerings. They have great quality shoes that are inexpensive. I have at least 6 pairs of shoes from them. I recently purchased some boots on their website and during this time they were offering buy one get one 50% off. I got two pairs of boots for $45.00. I love my boots and love the price even more.

Mossimo Women's Blazer
Mossimo Women's Long Sleeve Solid Tunic Top
Target: I haven't shopped at Target for clothes often but this fall I have noticed that they have really stepped up their game. I saw so many cute blouses, blazers, dresses, and leggings. All of the items reasonably priced. I am definitely going to check out this store for Christmas.

What are your favorite stores? Post your comments below!

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