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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Product Review: e.l.f. products

Hi Ladies,
I recently purchased my makeup wipes from e.l.f. and a special offer was being promoted on the website. You had to spend $25.00 to get the free gift so, of course I found some things to try out to get my total to reach the minimum order.

Besides 5 packs of makeup remover wipes I purchased a mascara, 2 eyeliners, and an eyeshadow.

This is the free gift that I recieved with my order. You had the choice of a warm or cool kit. I chose the warm.

Here is my review of the items that I purchased:

This eyeliner is very easy to use and stays on great. It is like drawing on your liner with a sharpie. It is not as black as the liquid liner. I would definitely recommend this and buy it again.

This eyeliner is a little bit harder to use as it is a liquid with a tiny flimsy wand. You can be more precise if you are winging out your eyeliner at the end. It does smudge a little easier than the pen eyeliner.  However, I would recommend this. I may or may not buy it again. I will continue to use to see if it gets easier for me.

e.l.f. Professional Studio Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara in Black $3.00

This mascara was ok. Nothing special but for the price I didn't expect to get anything spectacular. I mainly use Zoomlash Mascara by M.A.C. I usually like a open eyed look. This did create this look but gave a more natural look to my lashes as opposed to a more dramatic look. I would have liked the mascara to thicken my lashes but it was much more natural. I did like that the mascara did not clump when applying it to my lashes. Would I buy it again? Probably not but it is worth the $3.00 to spend and try it out for yourself.


I bought this shadow as a temporary replacement to my M.A.C. shadow Ricepaper. It was similar in color which I usually use as a base or on the brow bone. I was REALLY disappointed in this shadow. It wasn't pigmented at all and you could barley see it on my lids. I would NOT recommend this.

Here are the items in the free gift:

 This is called a a lipstick but I would consider it more of  hybrid between lipstick and a  balm or gloss. It is not sticky and glides on smooth and silky. You have to put a decent amount on to have to color show up on your lips. For $1.00 it is worth trying out. I probably would not purchase this color again but maybe try out a different shade.

This polish actually surprised me. It is more of a coral color than pink (like it looks in the picture). I only used one coat and it was pretty thick and color rich. I figured it would be watery but was wrong. I don't really wear nail polish often but if I did I would buy this color again. I would recommend it this.

This primer has a silky feel and does help fill in your pores. I do feel that my face looks more polished after using this before my foundation, blush, etc. I do not use primer and was pleasantly surprised.  I would probably get this again.

Here are some recommended uses of the different primer shades off the e.l.f. site:

"Tone Adjusting Green is ideal for minimizing redness and correcting blotchy skin.
Brightening Lavender is ideal for uneven skin tones and to brighten dull or yellow tones.
Radiant Glow is ideal for creating a luminizing effect on dark spots and uneven skin tones."

I was pleasantly surprised by this mineral blush. I put on a decent amount of color onto my brush as I figured it would take a good amount to build color on my cheeks. Come to find out this is pretty decent and a little color goes a long way. I liked the natural warmth the color gave and it seemed to last pretty well. It didn't stay as brilliant all day but I think it is worth the $5.00. I will use this again and am glad that I got it. I would recommend this.

This shadow still doesn't compare to my M.A.C. Ricepaper but it definitely is more pigmented than the Studio Eyeshadow above. It goes on nice and silky. I will use this as a brow highlight. I would recommend this type of pressed mineral shadow over e.l.f.'s studio shadow.

I don't usually use lip liners but tried this out with the lip gloss in the kit. It was okay. They color I wouldn't have necessarily pick myself but it came in the gift. Once again, for $1.00 it is decent. 

I really didn't notice a huge difference when I put this on. If you use too much you will def look cakey so make sure you shake or tap your brush before buffing your face with it. I am going to continue to try it out. I don't have a lot of redness on my face (besides breakouts) so this may work better for people with red skin or uneven skin tones. If you have any of these issues, it is worth trying out.

Here is a picture of me with the e.l.f. primer, correcting powder, blush, lip liner, and lipstick on.

Have you tried any of these products or have any that you recommend? Please leave your comments below!


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