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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Website and Product Review: Simple Addiction

Hi Ladies, 

I have posted about this site once but I wanted to touch back again after purchasing from the company several times now.

Simple Addiction is a website that sells jewelry, clothing items, shoes, accessories etc. Each day they put up new offerings that are available for a limited time. (The item is usually available for a week or so). Once the item is off their site you can no longer purchase but they usually rotate items and they become available again at some time in the future. I came across this site on Facebook and am so happy that I found it. I love costume jewelry but have found that much of it is overpriced. This site has AWESOME prices for very unique and beautiful pieces. The most I have seen for a necklace was about $19.95. After purchasing from them I can tell you that the quality of these items are great for the price you pay. Their shipping is only $2.00 and it is free when you spend $35.00 or more. The only thing even remotely negative I have to say is it takes a little longer then normal to receive them with the standard shipping (took about a week and a half to receive my last order). But, I am always in a rush to get things so this may not bother other people. It most definitely does not stop me from ordering for them. Below are the statement necklaces that I have purchased from them in recent months. 

Celeste Jewel Necklace $8.95

J.Crew Inspired Crystal Brulee Necklace $14.95

Tribal Fringe Necklace $11.95

Sporadic Statement Necklace $9.95

If you are interested in checking out today's offerings at Simple Addiction, CLICK HERE.

What do you think of the above necklaces? Which one is your favorite? Post your comments below!

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