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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hair Tutorial: Triple Braid

Hey Girls,
So I came across a quick braid tutorial on Facebook and tried to replicate it. The photos are kind of vague and there are no written steps so I kinda winged it. 

Here is the tutorial:


I misunderstood one of the steps and ended up creating a totally different braid.

In the tutorial, I guess you are only supposed to make to braids then tie they together at the end like a mermaid tail.

Well, instead of 2 braids I created three separate braids, loosed them to make them fuller and more messy looking, then used those braids to make one big braid.

Below are pics of how it came out. I didn't take the greatest pics. You can see the weaved braid better in person.  In the future, I would probably put in some hair product as some of my layers were sticking through. Also, I would braid each braid all the way to the end so that when I take the strands to make the one big braid, the little elastics are easier to pull off at the bottom.

So, here are my steps to the above tutorial:

Step 1: Separate your hair into three sections on one side of your head. Braid each of the three sections and tie off at the bottom with a little elastic. 

Step 2: Loosen each braid by gently pulling of each section.

Step 3: Take the three braids and braid into one big braid.

Step 4: Tie the big braid right above the elastics from the single braids. Remove the elastics from the single braids.

What do you think of this braid? Do you have any easy braid tutorials you would like to share? Comment below!

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