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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Review: Influenster VSSportsBra VoxBox*

Hi Ladies!
Today I am going to share with you the VSSportsBra Vox Box that I recieved from Influenster. I work out 3-4 days a week so I was so excited to get this box. I thought that I was the perfect candidate for this box and knew that these items would definitely get used after this review. For those of you unfamiliar with Influenster, it is a site that works with different brands to promote their products. As an Influenster you link all of your social media accounts. The more active you are in social media, the better chance you have at getting chosen for Voxboxes. However, some Voxboxes can be completely random or very specific having to do with specific demographics. You also complete quizzes on different subjects to become "experts" in that area. 

Onto the products that I recieved:
As you can see from the picture above, the theme of this box is VS Sport. Inside the box was a VS Sports Bra and a pair of VS Sport Crop pants.

I am a frequent shopper at Victoria's Secret and own many of their bras, underwear, and PINK lounge/athletic wear. From my experience over many years, I have found that clothing and accessories from Victoria Secret are great quality and can last a really long time if taken care of properly. I have not owned any VS Sport items so I was excited to try this stuff out and see if it lives up to the VS name and quality.
VSX Sport Incredible $49.50
Here is what is said about this bra on the Victoria's Secret site:
"A truly Incredible maximum support sport bra that’s perfect for running, boxing and high-impact workouts. With Body-Wick fabric to keep you cool and dry, and bonded, seamless technology for extra comfort. Plus, a super-soft elastic band and racerback. Get a runway body in performance workout gear from Victoria’s Secret Sport.
  • Maximum support
  • Breathable padding with wicking liner to keep you extra dry
  • Concealed wire for cushioned support
  • Padded straps and bonded, seamless technology that eliminates irritation
  • Super-soft elastic band for comfort & movement
  • Cushioned, adjustable back closure
  • Body-Wick keeps you cool & dry
  • Perfect for running, boxing and cardio
  • Machine wash. Tumble dry.
  • Imported. Solids/prints- body: nylon spandex. Mesh insets: polyester/spandex. Marl- body: polyester/elastane. Mesh insets: polyester/spandex"
This is a great quality sports bra. It is more heavy duty than other sports bras that I normally wear. It is made of a thick material and has an underwire. It was a little tough to put on since it is a super thick material but once on, I didn't find it uncomfortable. If it was any tighter around, I could see it being uncomfortable. I thought that it might feel weird because it has an underwire but that was not the case for me. I got used to the feeling quickly. This bra also has a bit of padding. I have very small boobs so I was afraid that they weren't going to fill up the space in the bra. Though there was a little space, it was nothing serious.

When working out, I didn't think this bra worked any better than other bras to keep me "dry and cool". I was still sweaty and nasty after working out. However, the bra itself was not drenched and wet like my other sports bras get. I feel that this bra is a little expensive but understand the price point. The quality of this bra is unlike any other sports bra that I own. I think that it would be well worth the price for some people. This bra would be great for women with large boobs that don't feel like they get enough support with other sports bras. I can def see this giving them the support that they need. I think it would also be great for women that have very small boobs who are self conscious when going to the gym wearing normal sports bras that tend to flatten out your boobs. The padding makes you feel less boy-ish in your gym attire.

Here is what is said about these crop pants on the Victoria's Secret Site:
"Nylon performance fabric with four-way stretch creates a second-skin fit for the sexiest butt ever. With a comfy, curve-loving mid-rise and Body-Wick that keeps you cool and dry throughout any workout. In a cute, cropped length perfect for yoga and studio classes. Get a runway body in performance workout gear from Victoria’s Secret Sport.
These crop pants are also a great quality. They are made of a thick fabric and are stretchy. These are "mid rise" pants so they come up to my belly button. I would have preferred a low rise crop (which they make) as I am used to low rise pants. Regardless, I felt that these crop pants were very comfortable. I was a little hot when working out in them but that could be due to the fact that it was 95 degrees out the day that I tested them out. These crops may be better to wear in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. When it comes to price, I feel that these are too expensive for  me personally. Once again, they are great quality so I can see why they chose this price point. However, I would probably only purchase these if they were on sale or I had a coupon.
Along with these items, I recieved 25% off coupons to share with my friends! The coupons give you 25% off any Victoria's Secret Sport item!
Overall, I really liked both the VS Incredible Sports Bra and the Knockout Crop Pants. I do recommend them if you are willing to spend the money on them. The bra especially is worth the investment if you looking for a heavy duty and great quality sports bra. Victoria's Secret also makes a bunch of other VSX Sports bras that I am now interested in checking out!

If you are interested in purchasing any VS Sport items and want me to send you a coupon code, feel free to email me or let me know below. I only have 10 coupons to share. I'm not 100% sure the code will work online but I would assume so!
*This is a sponsored post powered by Influenster. I was sent these products for review purposes. However, the thoughts and opinions in this post are my own. I am always 100% honest in my reviews for all products discussed on my blog.

Have you tried these items or any other VSX Sport products? Post your comments below!
-Tanya xoxo

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