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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Review: Motives Haul

Hi Ladies!
As many of you know, I had a Motives Trunk Show back in July. I had a really great turn out of guests and had a house full of lovely ladies. We all had a lot of fun learning about the different application techniques and playing with all of the pretty makeup. You can read more about Motives Cosmetics and see a bunch of swatches HERE
One of the perks of having a Motives Trunk Show is that as the host, you get 15% of the nightly sales to use towards products. Below are the goods that I purchased with my host credits.

Mineral Pressed Blush in Intuitive $15.50
Mauve/purple color
Pressed Blush in Flush $14.00
This is a shimmery coral/pink.

Pressed Eye Shadow in Pacific Sea $12.50
When I saw this color I was OBSESSED with it. It is a beautiful green/blue color with gold specs. After owning this and using it a few time, the color does tend to fade which is a bit disappointing. It also creases. This is after a 9 hour day though. I still think this is a lovely color though.

This is frosted light pink with a hint of purple. It is a great color to use with purples and taupes. 

This is a shimmery medium toned brown with a gold hint to it. This color looked GORGEOUS on my cousin when Kacie (Motives Beauty Advisor) did her makeup, so I had to have it!

This is my favorite color of the bunch. It is a shimmery taupe. It looks amazing both on its own and paired with other colors.

As you can see, I went kind of overboard with the eyeshadows but they were what interested me the most. Overall, they are great quality and super soft and pigmented. There is fall out in the pan because of how soft they are but it didn't really bother me. The only color I had issues with was Pacific Sea. The blushes were very similar to the shadows in terms of pigmentation and feeling. They were also very soft and blendable.

Here are some looks that I created with these products:
Bedroom Eyes used on crease

Heiress lids/Dollface crease

As much as I hate to talk negatively about a company, I must give my honest opinion and experiences. I had a not so good experience when it comes to shipping. The order came very fast (within a couple days of shipping) which was great. However, when I got my order, one of the shadows that I ordered was completely broken (Dollface which is not pictured above). I told Kacie immediately and she assured me that this has never happened before. She ordered me a replacement and that order came in broken too! She shipped me a third Dollface and that shadow came in broken as well!!!! I really just don't get it and she was very angry too. I do not believe that this happened during shipping since the products are completely wrapped in bubble wrap. I think there is a huge issue in their warehouse somewhere.  Two other people that ordered stuff at my party had issues with their orders as well. Kacie was nice enough to let me pick anything else that I wanted on the site but this situation is still super frustrating.

This is how all 3 Dollface shadows looked when I opened them. This is actually less broken than the other two. The other two were completely powder. I am going to try my best to repair them.

I honestly believe that Motives has some really great products and am really happy with the ones that I have recieved. However, the huge shipping issue I had to deal with really rubs me the wrong way. I am very hesitant to order more products from them because I don't want to deal with getting more broken products. Its truly a shame.

Have you tried any Motives products? What did you think of them? Have you had any issues with receiving broken products? Post your comments below!

-Tanya xoxo

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