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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Review: Tarte Maneater Palette

Hey Guys,
Today I am going to share my thoughts on the Tarte Maneater palette! I don't own many Tarte palettes. The only ones that I have ever had were the limited edition Holiday palettes. While they were pretty, they just seemed underwhelming to me. I never really reached for them over my other palettes. A couple months ago the Tarte Maneater palette was released. For whatever reason, this palette really interested me. All of the colors looked like ones that I would use. I decided to go to Ulta and swatch the palette in person. I was on the fence between this palette and the Tarte Double Duty Don't Quit Your Day Dream eyeshadow palette. They were both the same price and swatched beautifully. I decided on the Maneater Palette because I thought it was a little bit more versatile.  Keep reading to hear my thoughts on this palette!

Tarte Maneater Palette
It looks like this is a limited edition palette. It is no longer on the Ulta site. I'm not sure if it's out of stock or gone. I did find it on the Tarte site which I linked above. 

Tarte Maneater Palette
This palette comes with 7 warm toned shadows plus an eye & cheek highlighter. There are 5 matte shadows, 2 shimmers, and the highlighter.
Tarte Maneater Palette
Meow, Passion, Purr, Saucy, and Midnight are matte and Foxy, Hpynotic, and Lace are shimmer.

These are all limited edition shades.

Here are swatches of the shadows:
Tarte Maneater Palette
L-R: Meow, Passion, Foxy, Lace
Tarte Maneater Palette
L-R: Purr, Saucy, Hypnotic, Midnight
  • meow (ivory)
  • passion (cream)
  • foxy (rose gold)
  • purr (soft mauve)
  • saucy (light brown)
  • hypnotic (shimmering berry)
  • midnight (brown)
  • lace (pearl highlight)
Here are some looks that I created using these shadows:
Tarte Maneater Palette
Brow: Meow
Transition: Purr
Crease: Saucy
Lid: Passion & Foxy
Lower Lash Line: Saucy & Midnight
Inner Corners: Lace & Foxy

Tarte Maneater Palette
Brow: Meow
Transition: Purr
Crease: Hypnotic
Lid: Passion & Lace
Lower Lash Line: Midnight & Hypnotic
Outer V: Midnight
Inner Corners: Lace

On to my thoughts:
I'm honestly SO IMPRESSED with this palette. The colors are creamy, pigmented, and last all day. I didn't notice any major creasing or fall out. It has everything you need to create a whole look. The price point is awesome too! I am pretty plain with makeup. I usually used browns/golds/oranges or taupes/mauve/raspberry/purples. This palette has both browns/neutrals as well as more mauve/raspberry shades. This is really a the only palette I would need if I wanted to pack light and need makeup to wear with both warm and cool colored outfits. Even though it says all the colors are warm, I still consider mauves/taupes/raspberry shades cool. I use the highlighter shade as a shadow for my eye not as a face highlighter but it says it can be used as both. I have amped up the mauve look above by wetting my brush with fix plus before adding the Lace shade to my inner corners and lids. This makes the color more pigmeted and dramatic. I have added more of the darker matte shade midnight to the warmer brown look above to make the look more dramatic. Basically, I am saying you could use this palette to do a very simple day look but also add more drama to that look to make it a night look. I'm so happy that I purchased this! I highly recommend this palette and suggest you grab it before its no longer available!

I filmed a tutorial using this palette which I am currently editing. Hopefully I can have it up in a couple weeks.

I still have my eyes on the other Tarte Don't Quit Your Day Dream palette. I DEFINITELY want the Tartlette 2 in Bloom palette now. They also have a new limited edition Sex Kitten palette that is a similar format as the Maneater. The colors don't interest me as much but may interest you!

Have you tried the Tarte Maneater palette? What are your thoughts? Post your comments below!

*This post contains some affiliate links which I could be compensated for.

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